According to the democrats and media the blue wave is coming. But as of recently the GOP has been squashing the democrats in the special elections. As of now the GOP has won 8 out of 11 special elections. According to the people who suffer from Trump Derangement syndrome the blue wave is coming. They will be saying this all the way to 2024. Lol

With the economy up, unemployment down and wages up its safe to say that blue wave is nothing but a blue breeze.

MAGA all the way 2024.


  • My only worry is the narrow difference between Balderson and O'Connor by only 1,700 votes despite the facts that Ohio is a Republican territory. The Republicans need to work harder before the November mid-year election.
  • Reaper,
    You must be unemployed or wasting someone elses' money with all these nonsense posting stupid no relevant threads on Micsem.

    well you can dream on and eat your Trump all you want, 6+ yrs or not, Make America Great Again is a joke....
  • @errr, whats the matter? That blue wave died out? Jah does not make waves for the batty boys of your muck ruck party.
  • This is the face of every socialists democrats at the moment. This is the face of the fools who've been told a blue wave is coming by the mainstream media.

    For every Republican win in the special elections, now its 8 gop winning 11 of those, the media make excuses. Like the conservatives should be worried they have won 8 out of 11 SPECIAL elections. The blue wave is coming because liberals have won 3 out of 11 special elections. This is what liberals are told by their media. And these fools still believe that the blue wave is coming. Huh huh its a red wave.
  • @Reaper, let me correct you on something. There have been 10 special elections for house seats. And out of that democrats have won 1/9 while republicans have won 9/10. According to CNN 1/9 is a sign of a moral victory and a blue wave. We lost 9 out of the 10 seats in the special elections to republicans but we have won a great moral victory. Whatever the fuck moral victory means.

    Here watch this video and its fucking funny how The democrats in the mainstream media sum up their 9 losses to republicans in special elections as moral victories. Its also funny how they also realized that 2nd place gets no vote in Washington. LMFAO.
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