There are more pages like these scattered throughout the social network.Places where anyone who is of Micronesian decent can scroll through things such as talent,Poltics,and anything microrelated.Now.Idk if it's just me who sees it this way or not but to my own opinion.They're all a load of garbage filled content with no meaning but negativity being shared and posted.Disrepsect of culture and what not.Just pure bs.It shows less of the three major things of what they are meant to display.I questioned an admin of a page over this video that spewed racist remark of my people.Ask for a request for removal and in return was given a Fk you reply.NO DOUBT these are degenerate bred kiddo's looking for followers and likes to feed their egomaniac selfs.

Again...this is just me rambling of my hatred for these pages.Any of you would disagree that's fine.

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