Good: Another Obama Legacy Flush Down The Toilet



Another day has come and another failed legacy of the failed President obama has been checked off the failed legacy agenda. MAGA. The swamp is getting cleaned.


  • Chain migration hypocrite.
  • MAGA indeed. How like them legacy now buma? MAGA.
  • He is doing what the voters elected him to do. A President that does what he says. Trump 2020.
  • Majority of the failed legacy gone in less than 14 months.
  • Space force. Hahahaha waste of money. Too infinity and beyond. President Buzz Lightyear. Fighting space aliens. Hahahaha
  • Yes we can, and we did, and were proud of the history.. The fact of the matter is, alt-rights admin is now little by little rewrite what fromer President Obama legacy is all about.. true champion!
  • Don’t forget born in Kenya
  • Someone will soon be flushed down the toilet....but it won't be Obama.

    Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said Monday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller will respond to President Donald Trump's legal team on the terms of a possible presidential interview this week, adding that he does not want the Russia investigation to influence the upcoming midterm elections.

    "I think he will give us a decision this week on our counter-proposal," Giuliani said during an interview Monday on Fox News. "We are coming down to his looking really bad by interfering in the election. I think he has to get it over with by the beginning — or early September."

    Mueller is charged with investigating whether the Russian government colluded with Trump's 2016 campaign, as well as related issues including possible obstruction of justice by the president.

  • Its not the policies that bothers Trump, its not the regulations either, its the person of color who made the legacy. right now there are no African American senior official in the white house because of the serious racist issue in president Trump's state of mind.
  • @redsnapper, i thought liberals were forward thinking? But sadly this is proven to be false. Space is the next frontier. History tells us this. Ancient Rome ruled the ancient world due to Romes control of the roads of the ancient world. Hundred year's ago Spain reigned supreme in Europe and in the new world because it controlled the sea lanes leading from Europe to the new world. America dictate world policy because it controls the world sea lanes and reign supreme in the air. Why is space the next frontier? Because who ever controls it will rule the Earth. Trump is assuring that future rule by making america the first country on earth to establish a space military force. A side bonus to this is that his name will be remembered and his legacy will mirror that of George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.
  • @FactsMatters, i wonder why the Don is preparing for reelection in 2020. That speak volume than all that crap the media hypothesize. Also remember Comey admitted under oath in front of the Senate that Trump never tried to interfere or stop the investigation.
  • @visafree, Ben Carson who is african American is a senior member of Trumps administration.
    Ben Carson
    United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    The GOP tax cut which is part of Trumps legacy was written and passed with the help of a African American senator.
    This is the man who helped wrote the tax cuts and helped got it passed.

    Identity politics is the reason why you democrats are losing. Look pass the skin color and look at the person. But democrats will never get pass this because skin color and gender is all you guys have.

  • Talks to Jesus on a daily basis. Not pray, talks as in he gets a reply.
  • The lord works in mysterious ways my friend. See how the lord turned TRUMP from a godless liberal to a god fearing conservative. God, Country & MAGA.
  • Don’t forget Putin fearing also.
  • Another obama failed legacy was flushed down the toilet by HUD Secretary Ben Carson. Lol
  • We have another winner. Retard, I mean repo reached ever deeper up his ass and pulled another obama out. Whataboutism strikes again.
  • @Reaper, now democrats are suing the feds to in a vain attem to make the courts to issue a stay on the obama era regulation Carson just dossed out. The courts will side with Carson since he is the SEC-HUD and it is within his authority to install regulations or deregulate his department. Hahaha
  • And i predicted a year ago in this same forum that the democrats are opening their own can of warms since Mueller will follow the trail of Manafort back to Podesta which will lead to Hillary.

    All the things i said in 2016 in have all came true. (1)Travel ban will pass which it did, (2)ISIS being systematically annihilated which it did, (3) Wall getting build which parts are being put up in California, (4) mass federal deregulation which is being carried out with Obama's legacy being deregulated, (5) economy up which it has been since Trump took office. (6) Unemployment down which is at the lowest in 4 years.

    I'm going to make another prediction now. And that is Trump will complete his first term of office and will go on and win second term in 2020.
  • Commander in Chief Orange Sphincter will protect you from space Aliens. Hahahaha
  • The same thing was said when the air force was created and established as a separate branch. Many were against it. But over time the American public came to realize that it was a good move.
  • So in 1947, after world war 2 and every potential enemy had war planes, people were skeptical about the need for an Air Force? You fucking dumb ass trump turd speaking out of your ass like the orange one. Get your facts straight and speak the truth. Ass clown!
  • Sarah Sanders sorry for false claim that Donald Trump created more jobs for blacks than Barack Obama
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