Democrat National Committee Now Accepting Donations of $$$ From Fossil Fuel Companies

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HYPOCRISY at play here. Democrats claimed global warming is real. They claimed its the most dangerous problem we face today. The democrat party along with the Democratic National Committee push this message to a point that democrat President Obama signed the now voided paris agreement.

Democrats are always on t.v whining about global warming. Lots of talk but no walk. Yesterday the DNC allowed and started accepting donations from fossil fuel companies. Thats right fossil fuel companies. The companies that they say create global warming.

In simpler terms, global warming is bad and real according to democrats but taking their money is ok. This is what i call hypocrisy on full stride.

Read more on how DNC taking money from the source of global warming.
Huff post: Democratic National Committee Backtracks On Its Ban Of Fossil Fuel Donations


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