Liberal Media Finally Admits That Manafort Charges Are Unrelated To 2016 Election


It took 1 year for the liberal media to finally admit that Paul Manafort is being prosecuted for charges unrelated to the Trump campaign or the investigation into Russian interference in 2016 election which democrats lost.

This admission by the liberal media was made yesterday. Why did it took so long for the liberal leaning media to admit and finally print this story? Simple to get the narrative going. And to mislead the public from the real story.

The real story is that the charges are related to years that Manafort worked for the party that lost in 2016.

(A year ago) Judge Ellis: “Apparently, if I look at the indictment, none of that information has anything to do with links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Donald Trump. That seems to me to be obvious because they all predate any contact or any affiliation of this defendant with the campaign. So I don’t see what relation this indictment has with anything the special prosecutor is authorized to investigate.”



  • The topic @FactsMatters @SaremChuuk fear to address. They had all their hope in Manaforts trial now they are shifting those hope to the interview with Mueller.
  • Again, this reaffirmed what Trump has been saying, a witch hunt.
  • Swampy stuff. No collusion? Stfu, that’s Muellers investigation still on going. So stfu until it’s done then you can talk. No collusion, maybe but obstruction is 100% guaranteed. Tweets, interviews all caught your monkey and publicly screaming won’t help him, just makes him look desperate and guilty. Fuck your orange monkey. He’s going to jail.
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    Update on this issie.

    Podesta Group which was hired by Hillary Clinton was identified by the Mueller investigations into Paul Manafort as illicit to the crimes Manafort did in Ukraine.

    The democrats own investigations into russian interference leads back to themselves.

    "the media fail to mention the much deeper ties of Democratic lobbyists to Russia. Don’t worry, the media seems to say: Even though they are representing Russia, the lobbyists are good upstanding citizens, not like the Trump people. They can be trusted with such delicate matters.

    Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank. “Sberbank is the Kremlin, they don’t do anything major without Putin’s go-ahead, and they don’t tell him ‘no’ either,” explained a retired senior U.S. intelligence official. According to a Reuters report, Tony Podesta was “among the high-profile lobbyists registered to represent organizations backing Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.” Among these was the European Center, which paid Podesta $900,000 for his lobbying".
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  • The Democrats got lied to by the media. Manafort is going to flip on Trump. Hehe. Turns out the case doesn't involve Trump.
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  • Its the 6th Branch of the US military.
  • Space is no longer a peaceful frontier. Expect China and Russia to make the same move in a few years.
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