MAGA: 4,000,000 Jobs Created Under President Trump


The US economy has added 4,000,000 jobs under 1 year and 8 months of the Trump Presidency.

The democrats said the economy would go down and jobs won't return under Trump but that has been debunked by Trump.

Trule he is making America great again.


  • Obama Flashback: Jobs NOT Coming Back Under Trump.

    Today Trump just shoved Obama's words up his black azz.
  • orange monkey catching a ride on black mambas economy. Orange monkey too stupid to create a booming economy. He’s busy trying to fuck it up with trade wars and making enemies of our trading partners.
  • @Rastaman, i also remember that too.

    @redsnapper, its the taxcuts Trump signed along with deregulation that is the reason behind the booming economy. By getting rid of obamas legacy he unleash a booming economy.
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    Yes, by undoing all of the last President stringent regulation and rules along with the Republican tax cuts he, Mr.Trump has unleashed a US economy that was kept leashed down by the last administration.

    Hate or love him he is responsible for the boom the economy going through.
  • 4 million under one year and 8 months is nothing. Wait till he lives office in 2024. His average is 4 million jobs every 1 year. 4×1=4. 4×8=32. When he is finish his second term he will add 32 million jobs to the economy. Golly.
  • Orange fuck face too stupid to create jobs. Busy starting trade wars and vacations like no other in history. Where’s the outrage you hypocrites? And profiting staying at his own resorts. Conservatives values or con jobs? Trump turds conned or just stupid? I’m going with stupid.
  • 4 million jobs not bad for MAGA. Lol
  • The facts disagree with you @redsnapper on this. The booms were are seeing is due to all the red tapes installed by the last President which are being cut by the present administration. Lets not forget the GOP tax cuts that was passed that is allowing companies to hire at unprecedented rate and making thise companies returing foriegn offshore money back into America. Trumps administration has added $7 trillion in USD to the economy since taking office.
  • This is from the socialist newspaper the New York Times and even this anti Trump outlet acknowledged that but cutting regulations installed by the Obama administration allowed the economy to BOOM!

    Jan. 1, 2018
    WASHINGTON — A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation — and may finally raise wages significantly.

    But in the administration and across the business community, there is a perception that years of increased environmental, financial and other regulatory oversight by the Obama administration dampened investment and job creation — and that Mr. Trump’s more hands-off approach has unleashed the “animal spirits” of companies that had hoarded cash after the recession of 2008.
  • All of Obama's regulation on businesses and environment which were part of his legacy and which Trump wiped his ass with and threw away is the main reason we are seeing the US economy booming. Japan did the same thing in the 1990s and their economy has been growing ever since. Same thing will happen here.

    Never talk economics or anything relating to it with democRATs because they don't understand it. All they know is taxing people for their welfare programs which are failures.

  • Facts. Hahahaha. SPACE FORCE!
  • Damn you just got schooled by anunaki redsnapper. Damn.
  • Stop smoking weed. Just hanging out waiting for the subpoena or indictment. Space force hahahaha
  • Liberals: Trump is not going to be President...He did

    Liberals: economy and jobs will be gone under Trump...Economy is at highest and Jobs comming back.

    Liberals: Trumps ban is not going to pass its unconstitutional...Superme court passed it.

    Liberals: Trump won't keep his words...Nearly half of Obama's legacy gone.

    Liberals: He won't build a wall...Wall getting build in California.

    Liberals: He won't get korea to negotiate...North Korea went to Singapore and agree to denuclearized.

    Liberals: He won't get EU to agree...EU agreed to Trumps terms.

    Liberals: There is no need for space force...Trump create space force.

    Winning not whining. MAGA.

  • Trump is doing Jahs work by undoing the devils legacy. Jah bless him who walks in the path of righteousness and fight evil.
  • Yes, he is doing gods work. That is why the party of the devil aka the democrats are so against him.
  • Don't bring god into this. You will offend the godless democrats. Shame on you two.
  • Pussy grabber doing God’s work. That’s new.
  • Grapping them pussy in the name of the lord. USA USA USA.haha
  • MAGA in the name of the lord.
  • Space force in the name of the lord. Hahaha
  • Trump is reaping what Obama sow, but he got smart,got rid of Obama names and replace it with his name using the same method created by Obama.. what a thief..LOL
  • Again thats not factual @visafree. The job market and economy were slightly heading down on the last 2 years of the obama presidency. That is irrefutable. What we are seeing now is exactly what Trump said would happen under him leading. And when he said this every pundit from CNN to MSNBC to famous economists said it will all go down with Trump. But the opposite is happening. Up on the job market which was sliding down under obama and up in the economy which was also sliding down under Obama.

    He is not using the same methods as obama. If he was there wouldn't be no tax cuts or getting rid of all of Obama's regulations regarding the economy.

    By dergulating the federal government control on the economy and passing his party's tax or cutting taxes is allow the economy and job market to go up.
  • He got rid of policies and regulations and then went behind the scene to reconnect this time under his name?.. that's his stay of doing business as always,,
  • @visafree, again thats not factual. If those policies were there we wouldn't be seeing this market and economic growth. But ever since getting rid of Obama's legacy which was tied to federal regulations and passing tax cuts we are seeing what we see in the job market and economy. Its his economy.
  • Space force. Hahahaha
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    What "boom" are you talking about? There's nothing more ignorant than posting about things that you know nothing about. The "economy" is a component of so many things you can't simply attribute it to tax cuts. I haven't seen any benefit. My paycheck is literally the same as it was last year minus my raise. I get that you want to taught Trump because of whatever reasons you have but at least be educated and knowledgeable other than FOX and Breitbart news, or the so called "red" friends you served with in the military. The truth is they don't even know what red is now. Most of you military folks that side with the current administration are actually finding a reason to mock or go against one of your very own that has paid way more of a price than you have paid. Don't get me wrong, I fully respect anyone that has put on the uniform in service of the country, but to adjust your character and integrity for someone who "claims" to be patriotic vs someone who actually served, was imprisoned, and has used his life experience in service of the US and it's allies is beyond me. It says way too much about your character. We're Micronesian, we're not red or blue. It's a view into your intelligence, character and integrity to support someone as vindictive and so self serving as the person you put so high onto a pedestal.

    And just for clarification and to make sure I don't get the same lame response, I am not a democratic leaning person and I certainly am not a Hillary or Obama fan. The night Obama beat McCain was a night I won't ever forget. This is about character. I am ashamed of the Christians that turn this blind eye to all that is going on in the name of abortion and "Christian" beliefs.
  • I honestly can't believe that people are not seeing the cause and effect of what is going on in this administration. The guy filed for bankruptcy how many times? You still think he knows what to do? The economy has so many elements and factors, it goes up and down based on so many things. Here are the bankruptcies to date, Immigration, how many versions has it been of the travel ban? The first one is the first bankruptcy. How much turnover has there been? Oh wait, he hires only the best? NOT! Second bankruptcy. Need I go on? Too many ill-informed, unwilling to step out and decide for themselves people supporting this admin. Most of them on here are "military" yet look at what is unfolding now with the revoking of security access. And yet they will find a way to justify that. It's a sad state of affairs. Character, integrity, and honesty used to mean something. Now it's about deflection, divisiveness, and blame.
  • @Mike P, you are a democrat leaning commie. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheeps. You democrats are the sheep. Claiming to be intelligent and educated yet can't accept the simple fact that they lost the election. Whinning ass self entitled babies. Always bringing up fox and breitbart like its going to make a difference. And for the record overwhelming majority of the active military approve if Trump along with veteran's. Thats a fact.

    Using secret clearance to supply CNN is not honorable especially when you are getting paid by CNN which Brennan is. All the divisiveness we are seeing now is because a punch of self claiming educated folks can't accept they lost. And lets be honest the majority of the US media is liberal leaning, they are also part of the divisiveness we are seeing.

    The supreme court agreed with Trump on travel ban and revoking security clearance. Get over it. There is always 2020.
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