Democrat Party Ripping Itself Apart, Good News For Republicans

edited August 2018 in General

The Party of the left is ripping itself apart at the present moment. The old guards of democrats VS the New breed of democrats freshman.

Amongst the old guard are Obama and the current leaders of the democrats party while the new class of democrats include the democrats who are for socialism.

Its a good news for Republicans. The democrat party is leaderless and disorganized. The coalition of the blue dog or conservative and moderate leaning democrats leaning are also against the old guard.

The democrat party is split into 3 factions. The old guard, the socialist democrats and blue dog coalition. All 3 are fighting against one another for votes. But it appears the blue dog coalition and socialists have teamed up against the old guard.

The old guard faction are against the socialists faction and Obama has warned democrats not to embrace socialism. While the socialists are saying the old guards must all be replaced. While the blue dog coalition has sided with republicans in votes in Congress and the Senate and voted no to impeachment of Trump.

Its a free for all as democrats fight amongst themselves for the leadership of the democrat party.

This is a boone for the republicans. This will lead to Trump getting reelected again in 2020 and republicans keeping their majority in both houses.



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