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  • That anti science climate change denier Trump has done it again. Under his policies the US is leading the world in reducing C02 emission while the countries that signed the Paris agreement lead the world in C02 output into the planet. Ain't this ironic. The country-USA- that pulled out of the paris agreement is reducing its carbon emissions while the countries that signed it tripple their carbon emissions.

    What the F is going on.
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    Double Post.
  • Reaper , I think you misunderstand the article, you see , all these development came from the effort put up by the past Presidents especially the Paris accord that was signed by Obama and the rest of the world leaders and later was pulled out by your ignorant president Trump. ?..hahaha.. Maaaaan!
  • after the EPA deregulation by trump, thing will be change for the worst.no doubt about that!.. stop the reaping from what other have sowed. its a disgrace!!
  • But it looks like the deregulation got the US leading in cutting back C02 emmisons. The opposite of the worst. While the paris accord signers are putting out more than the US. Hahaha

    The climate denier making good on climate change while the agreement doing bad.

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