GOP Troy Balderson Defeat Democrat Danny O'Connor In Ohio House Special Election

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Blue wave? Lol

The GOP has again defeated democrats in a special election in Ohio's senator race today. Now thats 10 for 2. 10 GOP wins in SPECIAL ELECTIONs against 2 Democrats wins in SPECIAL ELECTIONs.

Even WITH all these media negative coverage of Trump the GOP MAGA train keeps steamrolling ahead of the mid terms.

Trump-backed Republican wins congressional race

Bad news for our democrat friends. The people have decided 10 times that the MAGA policy is bettan than open borders, illegal immigration which the democrats advocate for.
Ohio GOP state Sen. Troy Balderson wins US House special election

Balderson retains GOP hold on open House seat in Ohio

With Troy Balderson's Official Win in Ohio, Debate About Trump Effect Returns



  • Trump backed this guy and personally held rallies for him and he still won even with democrat media baking fake news 24/7.

    MAGA and Space force keeps on rolling. And the American people is aboard this America first train.
  • GOP 10 VS DemocRATs 2 in special elections. And these loonies keep talking about a blue wave. More like a Red wave.

    Border wall win, tough immigration laws win, and space force wins yet again. Haha

  • Red wave with a side of blue wave.

  • ‘Blue wave’ of Democrats unlikely in 2018 midterm elections, pollster predicts

    2 days ago

    He says 85 per cent of House races will end up with a winner from the incumbent's party this November

    An apparent “blue wave” of Democrats being voted into House and Senate seats during the 2018 midterms elections allowing them to retake control of Congress from the Republicans is unlikely, according to one major pollster

    Anthony Salvanto, head of polling at CBS News, wrote about how he applied lessons from the 2016 presidential election to make his dire prediction for Democrats in his new book, titled Where Did You Get That Number?.

    His book comes just as Donald Trump tweeted that “a Blue Wave means Crime and Open Borders. A Red Wave means Safety and Strength!” The Democrats being soft on crime and immigration is one of the president's major attacks on his opposition party.

    The president said earlier in the week at a White House event: "We're going to do very well in the midterms, and this is one of the very big reasons. The fact is, people respect law and order. I think we’re going to have much more of a red wave than what you’re going to see as a phony blue wave. Blue wave means crime. It means open borders. Not good”.

    After studying exit polls compiled by his network, Mr Salvanto told producers and reporters the evening of 8 November 2016: “This is a contested race”.

    Hillary Clinton had been leading all day, but the tallying was far from done.

    “I told them to get set for a very late night,” he told the New York Post.

    He noted at that point last-minute voters were going to give Mr Trump the historic upset.

    He said calling what may happen in an election is unlike forecasting who will win some other kind of competition, for instance a horse race in which “the distance already run gets your horse closer to the finish line,” he told the newspaper.

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  • Thanks the democrats and their biased mainstream media. Americans no longer trust these news media. That is what happen when the media plays for the opposition law breaking loving party. The media is helping Trump and the GOP on the mid terms whether they know it or not. Thanks for those free press. The GOP and Trump are Not wasting millions to influence voters. Why do it when the mainstream media and democrats are doing it for you. Bad press or bad press is always good press like Trump said.

    2 days of non-stop trump bashing news. 2 days of manfort case and Cohen news and still the TRUMP train keeps going. To infinity and beyond with the beautiful new space force and MAGA leading the way.

    @Redwave with a side of blue tears.

    2020 here comes the space force and MAGA train.....again.
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    Majority of the Special elections have been won by the republicans. This is a indicator of what will happen in the midterm. Republicans will keep their majority in both houses from the way things are going.
  • Oh the blue wave is still coming says every democrat out there. =)
  • President two syllable is going to jail or impeachment one or the other. Space Force hahahaha
  • Two term baby two MAGA terms.
  • Haha 6 more years of liberal talking about impeachment. Laugh my ass off.
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