First Two Members of Congress to Endorse Herr Drumpf for President Have Been Indicted

Chris Collins, from the Buffalo area, was the first Member of the House of Representatives to endorse Herr Drumpf for President. He has been indicted for insider trading. And there is video of Collins texting his son to get his son to sell stock he had learned was going to tank.

Duncan Hunter, from California, was the second Member of the House of Representatives to endorse Herr Drumpf for President. Hunter and his wife have been indicted for spending campaign donor funds for personal expenses, including a $600 airplane ticket for their pet bunny.

Incredible how honest and ethical these Republicans are.


  • Cases unrelated to Trump but since they supported Trump running for President its news. Lol
  • Yes, we all know that Trump only hires the best people.
  • President two syllable . I went to the best schools hahahaha
  • Two syllable Presidents are 2 term President. MAGA.
  • the organized crime is unfolding big time and the president now a days is acting and speaking like the crime leader . interesting news.
  • Yup.

    Immunity for Trump's CFO could lead to 'downfall of Trump Organization

    A former Watergate prosecutor said Friday that the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization receiving immunity could lead to the "downfall of the Trump Organization."

    Assistant Watergate special prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks made the comments on MSNBC just hours after reports broke that Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity as part of federal prosecutors' investigation into Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

    "With Weisselberg, there could be so many more crimes uncovered," Wine-Banks said. "And if he’s smart, he ought to get it all out now while he has immunity, and that could really lead to the downfall of the Trump Organization.”
  • They said manafort downfall will lead to Trumps downfall but it didn't. They said tarrif wars would lead to his downfall again but it didn't. They said his tax cuts would lead to his downfall but again it didn't. They said Stormy Daniel would lead to his downfall but it didn't. Now the latest downfall comment is this Cohen story. The same so called experts were proven wrong time and time again. Just distraction to democrats losing in special elections.
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