Trump Gives Go Ahead For Navy To Reestablish Atlantic Fleet To Counter Russians In Atlantic Ocean


President Truml gave the Navy orders to reestablished its Atlantic Fleet which was deactivated under the Obama administration years ago.

The Atlantic fleet is being revived with the sole purpose of checking Russian naval activities in the Atlantic ocean. As of late the Russians have step up their naval activity in the Atlantic.

Now the US atlantic fleet is being reassemble to counter Russian moves in the Atlantic.

You democrats wanted cold war status back with Russia well Trump is giving you juat2 that.

According to liberals Trump is owned by the Russians. As you can see them Russians will be having headaches with this new military policy enacted by Trump.



  • Tucked his tail in front of Putin and the world, then misspoke. MAGA hahahaha. Space Force.
  • @redsnapper bring back misspoke out of his ass again.

    Yup tucking his tale by bringing back a entire naval fleet to keep the russians in check in the other side of America.

    What are dudu are you smoking?

  • Ratsassta and repo you two dumb asses. The Atlantic fleet ended in May 2006 as noted below. Military history website. Obama was inaugurated in Jan 2009. How the fucking shit did he inactivate it before becoming president? You morons talking out of your ass. Reminds me of an orange fuck face with whom liar and con man is a compliment. Stop spreading your retarded bull shit you under developed inbreds.

    Establishment of Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command

    On May 23, 2006, the CNO issued OPNAV NOTICE 3111, Ser DNS-33/6U827232, that disestablished the Commander, Fleet Forces Command (COMFLTFORCOM) and Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet (COMLANTFLT) and renamed COMLANTFLT to Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (COMUSFLTFORCOM), ordered to carry out the missions currently performed by COMFLTFORCOM and COMLANTFLT and serve as primary advocate for fleet personnel, training, requirements, maintenance, and operational issues, reporting administratively directly to the CNO as an Echelon 2 command. All forces reporting to COMLANTFLT or COMFLTFORCOM will now report to COMUSFLTFORCOM effectively immediately.

    U.S. Atlantic Fleet Transition Ceremony

    On Oct. 31, 2006, a ceremony was held to officially mark the transition of the United States Atlantic Fleet and Fleet Forces Command to the United States Fleet Forces Command. Three of the 37 previous admirals who held the top post in the Atlantic Fleet attended the ceremony, held aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). The command will henceforth be known as Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command.
  • @redsnapper the dumb ass, the US 2nd fleet or commonly known as the Atlantic Fleet fell under the command of US Joint Forces Command or USJFCOM. The second Fleet or the atlantic fleet was deactivated in August 2011 when Obama's military policy of depleting the military deactivated USJFCOM in 2011.

    This was the US President in 2011 who ordered took the policy of US military reduction that saw the Atlantic Fleet deactivated.

    Obamas policy of reduction let to atlantic fleet/2nd fleet deactivation.

    "The 2nd Fleet was deactivated in September 2011 after 65 years of service as part of a cost-saving and organizational-restructuring effort."
  • Now under Trump the US 2nd fleet or as commonly known as the US Atlantic fleet was activated to challenge Russian aggression in the atlantic.

    2nd Fleet/Atlantic fleet area of responsibility.

  • redshitstain just got school yet again. Glorious.
  • Facts just don’t work on retards.
  • image
    Not bad for a political amateur.

    This is why civilians should stay out of topics that deal with the military. They don't know jack shit. Take foe example @redsnapper, he didn't know his President was the one who deactivated the Atlantic fleet. Now Trump is patching up the rifts obama made in our defense and military sector and bringing back the same fleet obama deactivated to counter Russia.


    "Chief of Naval Operations Adm John Richardson said the fleet, disbanded in 2011, would oversee forces on the US East Coast and North Atlantic."

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  • As Navy Vietnam War hero Sen. John McCain’s battled an aggressive form of brain cancer, he decided months ago he did not want Donald Trump at his funeral.

    McCain requested that former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush deliver eulogies at his funeral.

    Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush will deliver their remarks during a service at the National Cathedral.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a separate service honoring the senator in Arizona.

    In 2015, Trump said he doesn't consider McCain a war hero.

    Trump never apologized to McCain or other former POW's for his disrespectful comment.

    Trump himself avoided military service during the Vietnam War by claiming to suffer from"bone spurs."
  • Now we can get a republican to take that rino seat.

  • Draft dodger telling war hero he is not a hero. Orange fuck face gets mad at NFL players for peaceful protest and calls them names for not respecting the flag and he disrespects a national war hero. Fuck your monkey ass clown. Spineless fuck and his turd followers.
  • @redsnapper, stick to the topic. The topic which you tried to lay the blame on Bush for. You hate the fact that your black failed leader deactivated the fleet and allowed Russia to intrude in the areas the fleet he deactivated was responsible for. Like he allowed Russia to rake crimea. Now Trump is bringing that fleet back to counter Russia like how he allowed the US to supply Ukrainians fighting Russia in the Crimea.

    Facts. Not fweewings. Hahaha

    2 scoops 2 genders 2 terms and 1 space force. MAGA
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  • Trump's Water World SEA FORCE! lol
  • @FactsMatters
    Prior to its 2011 deactivation (Obama Administration), Second Fleet oversaw approximately 126 ships, 4,500 aircraft, and 90,000 personnel home-ported at U.S. Navy installations along the United States East Coast.

    US Navy Revives 2nd Fleet to Counter Russia in North Atlantic

    Now 126 ships and 4,500 aircraft and 90,000 men are being reassemble to counter Russia. Not a bad water world sea force.

  • More bull shit. Give it up. Stop talking out of your ass. Proud of the military but your commander in tweet disrespects a true , non draft dodger, war hero? Please reconcile this bull shit con artist to us.
  • First the flag went down, then it went up, the rest of the flags around dc stay down. People start asking what’s this retarded thing going on at the whitehouse with the flag? Then it went back down. Conclusion: orange fuck can’t make up his mind. Ass clown trump turds.
  • Last week putin this week McCain. Go eat shit and die @redsnapper. Do humanity this service.
  • Finally someone said it.
  • Trump regardless of the Negative forces from the Trump Haters, he is doing fine because God is on his side. And what did the good book said? If God is on your side who could stand up against you! God Bless the President, God Bless the USA and God Bless the Federated States of Micronesia.
  • Space Force needs your stupidity. Please join and make space great again. May the space force be with you.
  • First the flag went down, then it went up, the rest of the flags around dc stay down. People start asking what’s this retarded thing going on at the whitehouse with the flag? Then it went back down. Conclusion: orange fuck can’t make up his mind. Ass clown trump turds.
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