Hello and Hi to the old and new Micronesia Forumers

I'm back! Do you missed me? Neways, I've missed so many Gibberish discussions in here lately. Please don't ask the (W, H) words or questions about me because you will regret it. LOL!!! A Hello or Hi will be much appreciated. Update me people (PLEASE)...


  • Welcome back Laki. Please don't mond the gibberish discussions. I'm just having fun with the liberal micros in here who have appointed themselfs the Social Justice Warriors in this forum. For example i said i believe a marriage should between a man and female these social justice warriors called me intolerant. I said I'm for the law like not enter the US illegally they say I'm a racist. I say i believe in god they call me lunatic for believing in a make believe. I say I'm for working and not counting on hand outs they say I'm a uncle Tom.

    These social justice warriors say i must accept gay views i say i have no problems with gays but i have a problem with others forcing me to accept their views. I was called a Nazi.

    Many users in this foeum have been kicked out by these social justice warriors because they whine to the admin and the admin kicked them out just for expressing their views which is the opposite of the view of these social justice warriors.

    According to these social justice warriors we micronesians should agree with them and their political view which is democrat since we are brown.

    Try have a debate with these micro forum social justice warriors (FactsMatters, Sarem Chuuk, redsnapper, errr) and see for yourself and don't get surprised if they call you a nazi for disagreeing with them.

    Other than that welcome back.
  • are you befriending laki? so insecure , hahahhh, scared laki will disagree with your filts in here....
  • go ahead laki, let him have it....kick his obnoxious hillbilly ass back to where he crawled out from.....
  • Hold your horses people! I am just like you guys & gals, oh and by the way, I'm not siding with anybody in here. Just like Reaper said, I'm gonna watch my back as if I am a new comer, however, I've seen so many Forumers in here were kicked, stabbed, cheated, mistreated, and etc., you name it (typingly typing)...heheheh... Just glad that I'm back and waiting for my ass to get fried by whoever. Thank you for welcoming me back in this Forum. It's quiet a while that I've been posting and messaging in here. Once again, thank you and kalahngan...

    Reaper: well said there...

    err: you sure a funny lad...bravo

    PawNStar: Thanks man...you selling? hahahaha
  • Finally someone gets the reference to my username.

  • Careful Laki, errr is a batty boy or batty lad.
  • lol@Rastaman...it's okay, you got my back...hahahah...i'll be on the look out brada...whenever err is furious, i'll be in the gutter minding my own business...Or should I?...

    lol@PawN, isn't that obvious?.. aren't you also a batty boy or lad?..because you're one of 'em trafficker...jail paid ma man...lmao...
  • I put patty boys in jail and deport them back to their countries. 3 from chuuk in the past 5 years.
  • fuck you rastaman, in my neighborhood you will be asked to bow down backward, and flex you finger in your asshole......am only saying...
  • and BTW reapo man, I may not agree with man marrying a man but I let them have their liberty base din our constitution. I don't agree with same sex marriage but its doesn't bother me...unlike your stupid ass
  • errr, what neighborhood is that? The Castro, in San Francisco? Or is it muck and ruck street between 6 batty and 9 boy road? Does our culture in Micronesia allows it? Was it ever allowed in our culture? No! Its against our culture and our values in Micronesia and against human nature. Its backward not forward. For two humans of the same sex can't procreate. Sodom and Gomorrah. This is where sodomy comes from. Unnatural sexual relations. Peccatum Sodomiticum or the sin of Sodom. Its what you have @errr, sick ruck muck wanna be liberal fool.

    Repent for the everlasting fires of hell are what awaits you and every muck ruck batty boy out there.
  • If you and FactsMatters and redsnapper and Sarem Chuuk want to live this muck ruck lifestyle then so be it. Fine by me, just don't tell me i have to be ok with it or accept it. Pretty soon you arr going to tell me having sex with animals is a constitutional right. I mean if you think having sex with other men is ok what's stopping you from stooping low and having sex with animals? Nothing.
  • you are an hypocrite if you based your believe in the holy book since you are alluding to judgement of our values which is the foundation of your arguments, then let me ask you this my good foe, did the good book also tells you to NOT judge? and leave the judgement to him only, the almighty? please enlighten me.....muck fuck macho wanna be...
  • @errr, God already passed his judgement on you and every muck ruck out there. Everlasting fire.
  • Tsk, tsk, tsk @err and Rasta...I'm like (WTF) Wow That's Funny! You two need to get a room for typing out loud. Lmao. This is not what I've expected, relating to this discussion. I will go in hell from reading your postings. Shish!!! You guys needed someone to slab your butt cheeks. Where are you PawN? These two need an ass whooping...hehehhe...

    PawNStaR, should I be afraid? Anyone from the other 3 states (PNI, KSA, or WAAP) being deported by you? Cuz, I'm not from the other 2 states mentioned. lmao...
  • Oh, by the way, "Stick to the TOPIC plz?"...Just so you know people, just came here to drop some island vipe to ya'll in this Forumiverse...Peace outta here...
  • Majority of the deported FSM citizens ive escorted from Guam and Saipan to Micronesia are from chuuk. Now and then i get to escort a yapese or pohnpeian and a rare case from kosrae. But mostly from chuuk. Some from Philippines and one as far away as Peru. One Palauan a few months back. Not a single perp from Marshall islands yet.

    These are some of the perps I've escorted back to their country of origin. Majority from FSM-Chuuk.
  • i'll stick to the topic and no disrespect, just having fun rastocrite, ....hi and peace out!!
  • edited August 2018
    What is a batty boy? What dialect in Micronesia is it from?
  • Anunaki, batty is the term we rastas use to describe men who like sleeping with other men. @errr fall into this category of a batty boy.

    In a sentence

    That Batty boy errr got married to his long-time boyfriend yesterday in a civil union ceremony in Guam.
  • rastocrite shut up and get with the program already. you know you sound like a faggot in disguise. you seemed to be very well versed in these faggot language?...yfah
  • Rastaman and err, this discussion will be close shortly because of you two. I don't know if I am going laugh at your postings or just ignore the fact that each one of you are roasting one another. I thank you both for your times and comedy drama on this topic. Why don't you two get a room for typing out loud? Cuz, I felt sorry for you guys; (1) the way you typed about one another, (2) most of the discussion in MicronesiaForum , you two get on each others nerves, and lastly, both of you can do better than this. Men don't talk too much, however, they just DO IT MUCH!!!!lol...if you know what I mean...so neways, "HELLO & HI" once again to Rastaman and err...

    Kaselehlie maingko

    To Anunaki: batty1
    ˈ bati/Submit
    mad; insane.
    "you'll drive me batty!"
    Translations, word origin, and more definitions
  • @Laki/Iakwe old timer I'm recently new.Joined months back.Agreed there's many "gibberish" posts from many users.You've returned to a forum that's now a battlefield for diverse people with many backgrounds.Was Initially here for history and culture of Microensia but ended up picking up a spear and joining this forum kabata(war).
  • @MrNobody905: Indeed! Been there, done that man. As you can see, not just everyone in this Forum were like that. I gotta say, I've learned back then not to be sided nor trusted anyone, even though, some forumers are being relevant or just being a dumb-ass. You should come in this forum with not just a spear but, a shield in order to defend yourself and your posting as well. I welcomed you Nobody905 in this damnation discussion...lol...
  • @errr, i call it how i see it. Bombaclaat! You and your batty boy clique sarem Chuuk and FactsMatters and redsnapper trying to get us micronesians to take a bite of that forbidden fruit that you liberals are selling all over the world. Stay away devil, Jah is strong with I. The party and ideology you approve of is leading America down the path of Sodom and Gamorrah.
  • WTF is going on here laki?
  • I've never heard a bible preaching weed smoker speak before.....ahahahah, rastocrite
  • @PawNStaR, ?Here on going is FTW...lmao...That's the happening..."Look What The Cat Dragged In!"...err vs. Rastaman...Hail bros...muahahahah...
  • @errr, we rastas also follow the teachings in the NKJ Bible. Stay away from negative people is one of our codes. Nagative means dirty, unclean or batty boys like you. Jah live.
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