Some traffic lane dividers in Pohnpei are confusing

Many drivers have complained about the recent painting of yellow and white lines on Pohnpei road, especially Kolonia. Those of us staying in Kolonia, we can figure it out and just drive the way we think we should.

One small corner that needs immediate attention is next to the Blue Nile store. It used to be that you drive straight thru from Kolonia town to the Nanpohnmal--up toward the hill. And it used to be that when you come to that intersection from Palikir and Sokehs, you'll have to stop first; and then, proceed when there is no vehicle passing by front of you.

Now, the new arrangement is if you come from Palikir and/or Sokehs, you have the right of way--at that corner. No stop. You go right thru. This is good since the traffic is heavy coming from Palikir and Sokehs.

But I've seen some accidents or near miss in this corner as older drivers are confused as to who has the right of way.

The recent painting on the road, unfortunatley, did not make that clear. I would suggest that a lane divider--solid yellow line--be painted--to show that if or when you come from Palikir/Sokehs, you have the right of way. You just follow the solid yellow line thru.

If you come from town toward Palikir and Sokehs, you can just follow the solid yellow line as you curve toward the right on the way toward Palikir and Sokehs.

But if you do come from town and driving toward Nanpohnmal or the hill area there, you stop and yield. Just some observations on the easy life in Pohnpei on this nice and cool morning. No heavy traffic. Just need to improve the lane dividers; to avoid accidencts.


  • Or, perhaps, it should be a white solid line, not yellow line, so that those going straight up to Nanpohnmal or up the hill would feel comfortable crossing it. I don't know the right way to handle this. If anybody can provide more professional advice, please do so; so that we can pass the info to those painting the lane dividers.
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