The commission for independence is seemed to take a course toward dictatorship

Last week Wednesday the commission for Chuuk Indipendence had a meeting with government leaders from the beloved island in the North West Region of Chuuk. The meeting was aired on V6AK Raidio and I had the advantage of following through. One thing that caught my attention and created some feelings of fear is a statement made by one of the presenter. He said " people of Chuuk need to know that whoever is going against the Government of Chuuk will be sent immidetly to prison". This, I believe, is actually mean whoever disagree with what the GOVERNMENT says will be punished. I am afraid because the governor and president of legislator and some present officials are on the side of yes. And if they say let's take independence all those who do not agree will be taken to prison or will have some sort of punishment form. My question is: where is our right as citizens of the Goverment? Does it still exist in our Chuuk constitution or has it been erased out?
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