Did Vice President Pence Write the NYT "Anonymous" Op-Ed Skewering His Fuehrer Herr Drumpf?

Apparently an Op-Ed appeared in the New York Times this AM, and the author was not identified. The author was described in the piece as a high official in the White House. The Op-Ed can be found at the link below:


A word sleuth found a unique word in the Op-Ed, and linked that word, "lodestar," to numerous public utterances Vice President Pence has made over the past 18 years or so, as recently as February of this year.

The sleuthing is described in detail in the following linked article:


Consider the possibilities if it is true that the Vice President has declared open warfare against the President. Evangelicals against White Supremacist fascists.

Could be a good fall season for the liberals. Just Saying....


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    I bet its the same unnamed source who said Trump will be personally be implicated by Cohen on the Trump tower meeting in another op-ed the new york time wrote few weeks back. Which turned out to be false. With the fake news media who rely heavily on unnamed sources it could be anyone. Shit it could be tinker bell for all we know.
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    First it was unnamed sources in high places now its anonymous op ed. Just another failed attemp to spread fake news. My bet is that the writer is a obama hold over. There are a dozen of them in the Whitehouse and DOJ. Just another democrat venting his anger in a democrat leaning paper. Lol
  • I’ll bet my retirement check that you are both wrong.
  • Your claim is true as much as i am a white supremacist. Lol
  • Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC makes a strong argument that it is Director of National Security Dan Coats. He will of course be fired by General Kelly for his disloyalty to Herr Drumpf, which may have been his intention.
  • As true as i am a brown white supremacist. Lol
  • Yellow journalism and the yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

    Tabloids were once called fake and only a idiot would believe a story in a Tabloid. In this age of Trump derangement syndrome tabloid is believed and unnamed sources are considered real.

    This op-ed is part of well orchestrated hit. This was planned weeks ago by the media to write op-eds which are negative towards trump. All organized to come out during kavanaughs confirmation hearing and weeks before mid term.

    Good for business of selling papers and ratings but bad for democracy.
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    If it was Fake news Trump would not eager to find out who the write is, truth always hurt and one can tell by Trump's eagerness to know who the writer or writes were. end of story!
  • It proves that the deep state exists. End of story.
  • As real as the lost continent of Lemuria.
  • Since inauguration the President of the USA has been under attack by the media. This is no surprise. They could have just fabricated this article. There is no doubt about that. This would hold until they can disclose the person that wrote the article.
  • His Fuehrer Herr Drumpf recognized israel the rightful capital of der jews.

    Der fuehrer herr Drumpf also stands with israel against the Palestinians.

    Der Fuehrer is doing a F up job of being a Hitler incarnate. @SaremChuuk.
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    even his own staff are calling Americans to do something about this president and yet it's very surprising to see some Micronesians seems to know better then this person who is actually working in the White house? what a joke!.. you guys hilarious!
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    Not his staff but Obama remainders. This is why its important to cut every former Obama officials of their security clearances and fire fire them like Comey and McCabe and Brennan.
  • Cut them all off and let them go.
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    hey reaper, it has been reported, there are dozen and dozen of them in White House who have vowed to derail the lunatic's agenda and they will continue to do it until it's over!. put that in perspective and tell me, what that mean?
  • Its a made up op ed. Its goal is to divided america. The same thing the russians are doing.
  • hey Anunaki, are you watching the news?. there is even talk among his senior members to remove him from office because he is unfit to be in the office, if his senior aids are hiding documents from him because they worry about is erratic behavior, what that tells you?
  • There have been no Obama appointees working in the White House since Trump took office in 2016. The year is now 2018.

    The current staffers were all hired by Trump. They crawl and slither around in his deepening swamp.

    We should not be surprised by this. As Trump himself has told us many times, he only hires the best people. LOL
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    The op ed was written a obama official. There is no doubt about that. There are many of them still remaining in the justice department. Justice is where all the leaks are coming from. Justice is where the left overs from obama are all located at.

    There are still 50 former obama officials still in key posts in Trumps administration.

    Trump has fired 8 out of that 50. 42 obama holdovers still remain in Trumps administration. Justice department is where these holdovers are all at. Justice again is where all the leaks are coming from and where the resistance to implementation of Trumps domestic and foriegn policy is coming from.
  • So, who could it be?

    “A supreme sexist.”—Barbara Res, former executive vice-president of Trump Organization, who also said “he thinks he’s God.”

    “Like an 11-year-old child”— Steve Bannon. The now estranged advisor also allegedly complained that he was “sick of being a wet nurse to a 71-year-old man.”

    Working with Trump is “like trying to figure out what a child wants”—White House deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh

    “The White House has become an adult day care center”—Republican senator Bob Corker of Tennessee

    “Less a person than a collection of terrible traits”—Trump’s former chief economic adviser Gary Cohn.

    Rex Tillerson Secretary of State "a fucking moron"

    Gary Cohen Economic advisor "dumb as shit"

    H R McMaster National security advisor "a dope"

    Tom Barrack Friend and supporter "not only crazy, […] stupid"

    Gary Cohen Economic advisor "an idiot surrounded by clowns"

    John Kelly Chief of staff "an idiot"

    Sam Nunberg Adviser he’s "an idiot"

    Steve Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury "an idiot"

    Reince Preibus Chief of staff "an idiot"

    Omarosa Manigault "Unhinged"

    LOL I starting to see a pattern here.
  • Again fake news by the media. Lol
  • And all those insults are all based on an anonymous source who heard it from a 3rd persons account. Sensationalism.
  • oh sure, and oh lordy, I hope there are no tapes. Everyone nowadays seems to have a recording app on their phones.

    but yeah!, please, no pee pee tapes, stormy tapes, omarisa tapes, or tapes of any kind.
  • Lordy what are you guys smoking there on the left.
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    I like your avatar [profile pic]. If we could make a GIF out of it, we would have billowing smokes coming out of those leaves, a high contrast, high saturation flash transition in the middle frames, and a blurred face of Mary Jane slowly comes into focus at the end frames. That would be so....Rasta! LOL
  • I had a avatar of obama eating a banana but someone cried to the admin and i was told to replaced it. You would have loved it.
  • Of course Rasta, I would have enlarged it, framed it, stepped back and admired that work of art. Some of us like our bananas yellow and ripe like Obama, while some us like it green and stiff. Do u belong in the latter Rasta? When was your last usr keke?
  • I like it green and rolled up in a mango flavored swisher sweet.
  • Don’t forget red snapper quote “fuck face mc clown ass. This insult was the funniest in the new book. Team Putin!
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