Check This Out for Size - We will Crumble Without Philippine citizens


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    Most of the nurses in Micronesia are from the P.I so lets hope this issue get straightened out.
  • well no doubts it could be a problem...image
  • Why is it that the reported abuse happened in Chuuk hospital, and now all the FSM and all the sectors are being penalized? Can't FSM national government try to intervene or negotiate with the PI government; to exempt the other 3 states from this.

    In Pohnpei, this will cause a lot of damage to:
    1. health services including private hospitals such as Genesis (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.);
    2. governments (accountants, auditors, engineers);
    3. education (teachers of special classes such as chemistry, math and other STEM fields);
    4. higher ed such as COM-FSM (professors, financial/administrative officials, other high level administrative positions at college, etc.)
    5. private sector (big stores that require skills of computer technicians, accountants, auditors, etc.)
    6. construction and other private firms owned by FSM citizens (skilled carpenters, roof installers, mason, finishers, interior specialists, mechanic for cars using such complicated parts as computer box, etc., etc.);

    This will result in the collapse of the FSM private sector at a time when FSM needs to improve its education, health, private sectors, etc., in preparation for 2023. It will be a disaster.

    If the governments cannot do anything about this, maybe the private sector players can try to help--I don't know how. But I think the first thing is to ask for exemption for the other 3 states while corrective actions are developed to address the Chuuk situation or something similar that has caused this negative action to be taken by the PI government.
  • STOP implying the worst case ppl are scaring our communities once again the Conservatives as usual coming out and swinging aggressively. Not all issues in MS is your own. The fact is Philippines had decided to ban their workers to FSM. It did not say anything else as to what will happen to the current staff in country. Please stick to facts and STOP spreading false rumors and unnecessary commotions!!
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