This years resolution!!!

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It never fails, people of all ages and walks of life inevitably make resolutions especially during new year. I am curious about some of the resolutions you been thinking about or you have acutally started on since today is already the second day of 2007. I will start mine.

Last year, I made a promised not to drink any more, I am happy to say that since last January until yesterday, I erred twice. That is a step forward considering I really love to drink sakau.

I also made a promised to myself to live healthy, that means conciously making a daily choice of eating and drinking healthy food and beverages. This one, needless to say, has been a roller coaster, but I am happy to say that the roller coaster show peaks more than dips. In fact, I am so healthy, I can outrun a dino!!!! lol.

This years resolution is to continue living healthy and educating my friends who are struggling with the same issues. Most of all, if I could measure all this on a scale of 1 to 5, I would like to say, this years resolution would be to continue the same resolution with a committment to achieve a 5.5!!!!

On the political side, well....let's wait and see if things in our islands would be the same as...what was that famous mutun? oh yeah, "same shit different day" compliments of Gillan!!!

Good luck to everyone with their new years resolution!!!!
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