Is it possible for Forum Administrators to flag some obscene/offensive words in this public forum?

If at all possible, I would like to request this (our) Forum Administrators to flag any post that use the word "fuck" and simply not allow such posts. You can ask the posters to use other less descriptive words--which I am sure they can. I visit the Forum from time to time; and I am not a self-righteous kind of a person, however, I do encourage friends to read some of the substantive discussions in this Forum. If it can be cleaned up a little so we can include younger audiences/posters, that would be a good public service.


  • Good luck getting the admins to pull the reigns in on redsnapper. Dude as been calling people nigga and dropping F bombs in here and still nothing has been done.
  • Yes, and rein in all the other potty-mouth, hypocritical trash talkers in this forum, such as:

    PawNStarR last week: "Democrats control puerto Rico yet they fucked it up like they did Chicago. Hahaha"

    Rastaman 11 days ago: "Let the Chuukese decide for themselves. Our opinion does not matter not one fucking bit."

    Rastaman 12 days ago: "Fuck the paris accord because instead of decreasing Carbon dioxide emissions it increase it. "

    PawNStarR 16 days ago: "Clinton, who fucked a intern out of wedlock. "

    lakidurdz 16 days ago: "I applauded your orange fuck face campaign effords. @red, you are a stand-up, orange fuck face comedian."

  • I may have used the F bomb 5 times or 6 unlike someone named redsnapper.

    redsnapper 5 days ago: "Don’t forget red snapper quote “fuck face mc clown ass. This insult was the funniest in the new book. Team Putin!"

    redsnapper 5 days ago:"Lacksbrains what’s up nigga! Obstruction coming."

    redsnapper 6 days ago:"President fuck face practicing his paper towel and toilet paper free throws for post hurricane visits. Hahahaha. Calls Puerto Rico a success. 3,000 plus dead and he sees success. Only a fuck face and his turds can see that as success."

    redsnapper 7 days ago: "Rasturd! What up nigga, Lodestar!"

    redsnapper 8 days ago: "Hi lackbrains. Where’s porn star? Trump turds that think orange fuck face won’t be indicted. Obstruction is coming. Tick tick turd turd tick turd"

    redsnapper 9 days ago:"Sent his plane? Fuck face owns no plane and pays for nothing. That’s the people’s plane ass clown."

    redsnapper 10 days ago: ,Sent his plane? Fuck face owns no plane and pays for nothing. That’s the people’s plane ass clown."
  • well hurray to won't find dirt on my posts
  • didn't he fuck monica in the Whitehouse, by that i meant Bill Clinton. hahaha
  • edited September 2018
    even in a funeral the creep in Bill Clinton can't stay hidden.


    look at bills eyes all undressing that girl in that funeral even with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea across the room.
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