FSM citizens left without help

FSM citizens still in typhoon shelter in Guam after one month. Where is the fsm guam consulate general on this? Is not it their responsibility to assist fsm citizens on Guam? Can someone list what this office do everyday? Basically nothing!! Close it down and save the fsm government some money!!


  • Hold on a pit longer. I am sure help is coming from the FSM. However, I do not know in what form it would arrive in. I am sure the Consulate Office on Guam knows how many FSM Citizens are on Guam, even by Name. If they do not know this important information then I support you that the office should be closed down.
  • FSM Consulate aiding shelterees at Astumbo

    Oct 03, 2018 by Carmen Terlaje

    The only standing shelter at Astumbo Gym is projected to close Thursday morning, and 19 shelterees remaining are now on their way out.

    Amongst other community partners, the Federated States of Micronesia Consulate says they're lending a hand to help even the most challenging cases in need of temporary shelter.

    The Consulate is doing their best to help families displaced by Typhoon Mangkhut.

    Johnny Silbanuz, currently the acting Counsel General at the FSM Consulate says they've been visiting the Astumbo Shelter daily but some cases, like Sepe Philip and her family we met yesterday, are challenging. "There were two things one she doesn't own the place, so she was advised by the mayor's office she can't go back there...the second thing was the wellbeing of her family especially the kids, the safety," he stated.

    The exchange between the shelteree and a colleague was a "misunderstanding", says Silbanuz, who hopes to clear the air, noting, "I don't think it happened I even followed up with my colleague and he mentioned that he didn't say those things. I'm glad the individual was able to visit our office this morning so we can assist with the last documents that they're claiming is not being sorted out."

    That individual just one of 230 of the 300 shelterees housed in Astumbo Gym, who sought help from the FSM Consulate.

    Silbanuz wants to assure the public that his office is doing what they can with limited resources to help all displaced Guam residents with documentation, such as i94s and Guam IDs needed for temporary housing, that he say's can be costly and sometimes require travel.

    "These shelteerees who were in those situations they didn't have the money to travel...that really puts them in another situation where even our office is not able to assist," he said.

    In the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut his office met with the Guam Homeless Coalition to address challenges for the next time disaster strikes. He added, "I'm hoping from this time until the next typhoon or next disaster, it will enable us to look into something we can do to address such issue."

    Despite the challenges, Silbanuz is still thankful for the nonprofits like Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and GovGuam's assistance to help the FSM community rebuild.

    Meantime, Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares expects the Astumbo Shelter will close Thursday morning, stating that the school children from Astumbo Elementary and Middle School need to use their school gym.


  • Updated: Oct 04, 2018 by Nick Delgado

    It's official: the Tier II shelter at Astumbo Gym is now closed.

    Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares says they found secure housing for the 4 families that comprise of 19 residents.

    Thanks to nonprofit organizations and Guam Housing.

    Christopher Duenas President of the Guam Housing Corporation shares how they were able to help the almost 300 displaced residents after Typhoon Mangkhut. He told KUAM News, "Guam Housing Corporation was able to place seven families, as well as assist with the other nonprofits as well as to put folks back on their property with at least a tent or some suitable structure to keep them out of the elements."

    Duenas is still hopeful an emergency declaration is made for individual assistance.

    Meantime, Mayor Savares is thankful for the community's help and her team for working hard behind the scenes to house shelterees for almost a month.

    Now sanitizing the gym for Astumbo middle and elementary school sports teams, currently waiting to have a home field to practice volleyball.

    She says now her team can concentrate on solving other village issues.


  • Yup the FSM consulate office showed up about a month of doing nothing to help fsm citizens get out of the school gym! Yes, they said they are doing their best bla bla bla...only because the media went to the gym and interviewed fsm citizens who are still in the shelter! Even the mayor admit that fsm consulate office must step up to the plate to help their citizens move out, because the school needs to use the gym!!
  • Why are only FSM citizens in the shelters? Their homes are destroyed? Why did the storm pick on FSM citizens only? The storms are racist also?
  • Maybe because we want the government to house us for free...lol
  • I believe i read in the Guam news President Christian telling Governor Calvo the FAM Government would send $100,000 to assist.

    This kind of money is not usually given to FAM citizens living in the FSM following a disaster. Those who are on Guam expect the FAM to help them out.
  • That's laughable for a country's president to donate a mere 100K. What is 100k dollars in todays economy can do?
  • So what kind of assistance does our FSM Folks seeks from our consulate office? Do they want them to find them a house or give them money?

  • "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to your country". John F. Kennedy.
  • Truth,
    I agree with you. We all feel bad about our fellow country folks who have been directly affected by the hurricane, but our consulate office can only do so much. Now we are asking them to find homes for us.

    I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.
  • I am beginning to think that many FSM citizens are squatting on private lands in Guam in homes that are not fit for storms. I read someplace that one Mayor did not want the squatters back. I don't blame their governments. We have allowed squatting to become cancer here in Pohnpei, Chuuk, etc. and we are willing to criticize our FSM Consulate Office because we expect our government to fast track our squatting FSM citizens into another social program - housing projects. I know some Pohnpeians in Guam that have built homes in the country side but these people are not squatters. They bought their lands. I know that eventually, those people will have real homes on their bought lands because these people have US citizen children in the school system coming up wiht real education. I see from this example a chance of betterment of lives. But to prop up squatters with another layer of social project that is fast-tracked will not help these people. I feel for them and I hope that they find shelter but our governments out here cannot be expected to chased down squatting citizens that leave the FSM and prop them up when they did not plan but instead use monies to buy beers, sakau, skirts, etc. We must stop living the ghetto fabulous lives (living in slums, housing projects, etc. but driving nice cars) and get real jobs and get into our own places and eventually buy homes. Now that is development and good citizenry.
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    Can someone who is aware of what this office does everyday list down what they do for all to see? I Only see them at funerals chatting and eating doughnuts during working hours! WTF!
  • I think it is about time to ask our Congressmen why we have the offices on Guam and Hawaii. Not only that the offices have not produced. They are so close to the FSM that when things are absolutely needed, someone from the External Affairs Office could go over and work on it. Close down those offices and use the founds for somethings useful.
  • Pushing relevant & Important topics up on the board list.
  • FSM condemns ‘machete attack’ in Guam, calls for unity and compassionate response
    10 Jun 2019
    HARMON, Guam (FSM Information Services) — The government of the Federated States of Micronesia understands that on Tuesday June 4, 2019, an altercation between three individuals occurred in the vicinity of a store close to the University of Guam in Mangilao involving the use of machetes.

    One individual was reportedly injured by a machete, and the two other individuals approached cars leaving the University of Guam campus, hitting seven of them —including one driven by Judi Guthertz, a former senator in the Guam Legislature and presently an employee of the University of Guam.

    The government of the FSM understands that one of the individuals involved in this incident is a citizen of the FSM, and that the incident has propagated sincere discussion in Guam on the issue of some citizens of the FSM living there conducting themselves in a manner that undermines public safety.

    The government of the FSM condemns the behavior of the individuals involved in this incident; these types of threatening actions, real and perceived, negatively impact the safety and wellbeing of other human beings.

    The government of the FSM hopes that the people and government of Guam will not condemn the people and government of the FSM for the undesirable and unlawful actions of a few, in light of the continuing positive and productive community contributions of the vast majority of FSM citizens living and working in Guam.

    The government of the FSM promotes the values on its seal of peace, unity, and liberty, and abjectly condemns any and all violence and disorder, in any shape or form.

    The FSM government regrets that the behavior of a citizen of the FSM has negatively impacted one or more lives and, through the FSM Consulate Office in Guam, working with partners such as Guam FSM community leadership organizations, local Guam community outreach organizations, local law enforcement, and the Micronesian Resource Center, will work with as many stakeholders as possible to develop and implement programs that will attempt to ensure that incidents of this sort don’t occur.

    The FSM national government recognizes that there are linguistic, economic, and cultural challenges involved when citizens of the FSM migrate outside of the FSM’s borders — as there are when citizens of other nations migrate to the FSM.

    The government and people of the FSM express their sincerest apologies to those affected by this unfortunate incident.

    “As president of the FSM, I apologize for any harmful conduct by some of our citizens. I call upon the people of the FSM to work together to be one nation that promotes peace and love in our common humanity,” FSM President Panuelo said.

    The FSM government emphasizes its continuing message that citizens of the FSM living in Guam are ambassadors of the FSM; they help promote a better understanding of the FSM to their host communities in Guam, and help promote FSM citizens’ understanding of their Guamanian neighbors. Citizens of the FSM living in Guam are encouraged to collectively strive to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

    The FSM Consulate Office can be contacted by phone at 671-646-9154/5, or visited in person at 1755 Army Drive, Harmon, Guam 96913. The Micronesian Resource Center One-Stop Shop can be contracted by phone at 671-686-2227, or visited in person at 272 East Harmon Industrial Park Rd, Tamuning, 96913, Guam.

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