Micronesian Writers/Authors

Any fellow book forging wordsmiths in here?

Surely I can't be the only Book writer.


  • My inspiration came from John Ronald Reuel Tolkien(J.R.R. Tolkien).At an early age.After watching a three part movie series of Lord of the rings.My interest kicked off.Started writing early on which later evolved throughout the years.Now a full committed writer I've begun my own work of books.About Fantasy,Mythology,life,so on.All thanks to that Remarkable man.

    One of many books I'm working on so far(more to come):
    •Nalia(A Marshallese Princess helps her father's kingdom thats shrouded by an unknown plaque.Lajibwinoman(God of death) is behind it all.She seeks help from Liwatuonmour(Goddess of healing).A magical plant exist within the outer islands Where she must venture out to achieve it.Bringing an end to the suffering of her people and lands.This task will not be easy.)
  • Sounds interesting, you could post an excerpt image
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