Yap Vs. China

I know there’s a lot of discussion here about this topic but I want to bring it up again. There’s a lot of political instability going on as elections grew near. We have relatives who barely know one another calling each other asking for vote. We have some landowners signing contracts left and right while most of them are illiterate in terms of contract laws. Frankly I’m a spectator in all this. I recognize that change is inevitable. Change is good and change is good if change is sustainable. I’m curious to see your feedback on this situation.


  • As you said that changes are good is the outcome is positive to the people. Some changes are to rapid to coupe with within our own resources. I have notice that some changes are intended for self interest and personnel benefits. Those are the changes that are not bad if they are design for self benefits only. But the changes for the general Public should not be aggressively modified to bring wealth for some let other be suffer and getting poorer and poorer. Some government officials are tom rich to defeat them in election cause they are too wealthy to run against. That is a governmental structural change. Does it good or bad? You make your own judgement, Thanks.
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