U.S Will Implement All Sanctions On Iran on November 5th-2018

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Another obama legacy is gone. Trumps administration will implement all the sanctions the Obama administration lifted with its appeasement policy towards iran in the failed Nuclear deal of Obama.


Now Iran will surely not be able to make a nuclear bomb. This is the entire reason for Trumps scrapping of the failed Obama legacy. It will mean that America will not go to war with iran if it gets a nuclear war. It will mean that Israel, the home of the Jews will not be nuked if Iran gets its hand on a nuclear bomb.

The so called Nazi in the Whitehouse is doing this so that no American blood and treasure will be wasted in a war with iran. And also to protect the Jews of Israel.


  • This is one of the policies i support and all for it. This is what differs from this guy and Obama. He says things and he do the things he says. If Obama could have been like this and be forceful instead of sherking away from his duty he would have been admired on both side of politics in the USA. But no he had to protect his image instead of protecting the US. Obama forgot that. Lets hope the Iranians don't attain nuclear status.
  • Good news now the Europeans are on board with sanctioning Iran.

    Per the Wall Street Journal: Europeans Eye Sanctions on Iran Over Covert Activities
    Plot in Denmark has sparked call for tougher action against Tehran, even as EU strains to salvage nuclear deal.
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