Whats your opinion on this political debate here in the FSM?


  • If we cannot get a real economy going based on the meager resources we have; the small consuming and workforce population; distance from market centers; lack of technology know-how; then, it seems one of the options is casino in Pohnpei. I don't know much about it but it seems we have not much choice. Just my conclusion after all these years of talk, talk, and more talk about economic development self-sufficiency.

    I've given up. It's not our fault that our islands are hundreds of miles away from the shipping lanes. It's not our fault that have not been able to develop real economic base. I think we need to face reality; and accept the fact that if we don't do somethings differently, 20 or 50 years from now, Pohnpei would still be the same, if not worse, than it is today.

    Sobering thoughts but I think I am being realistic. I don't like casino and the negative things that it brings. But I think if it were approached right: appropriate size of operation; control of the bad elements; etc., then, it might bring benefits that we cannot bring today the way we're going with current programs.
  • Who will the players (gamblers) be, and how will they get there? Where will they stay, and what will they do when they are not gambling? A casino without players is just a sad empty dream.
  • SC, I don't know answers to your questions. But if the Chinese are is willing to invest their money, I am sure they expect to get all their investment back plus profits and more. As such, they handle everything including probably bringing in customers to visit the islands and gamble, at the same time.

    We'll just be careful so we don't spend a single penny on such a venture. Actually, PNI state should see to it that if it were to provide some resources, such as a piece of land, that there will be a good size of rent money for the land; that income taxes will be paid; and that employment opportunities, where appropriate, will be given to the locals. I don't know if these could be achieved but they should be part of the package. If not--if nothing will be given to Pohnpei for many years--then, it's not worth given the Chinese the land or tax breaks, etc. I am not a fan of casino but Chinese businessmen don't invest on something unless they expect to get benefits from it.
  • Pohnpei the new Macau? Cant see it happening...image
  • All programs, activities and ventures are possible for Pohnpei and so the Federated States of Micronesia. Whether Gambling, Agriculture, Fisheries, Businesses etc and etc. The KEY is Education. We must have our population educated so that they can move us forward, properly manage our affairs. Sad to say that since the USA gave us the freedom of education unlike the other Administrations of Spain, Germany and Japan we have done very little in the area of Education the very key for our economic independence. IF you want to understand my comment, I would request that you enumerate the number of Educated individuals from your own FSM State, in the areas of CPA in Accounting, PE in Engineers, MD Doctors, Lawyers with JD level and of Course in Computer Technology. This would show that our population is not educated enough navigate us forward.
  • So with this casino, where are they building this massive infrastructure?
  • There are a lot of private as well as public lands But the project must be viable--and provide immediate benefit to the government or the land-owners; and to the people. Not those scheme that require Pohnpei or FSM to invest millions of dollar; and then, be tax free to 20 years. We don't need those. We need money now; and the investor should make these demands as part of his/her/their calculations for investment.
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