Hypocrisy: Liberal Media Silent On Democrat Presidential Hopeful "Avenatti" Domestic Violence Case


Remember all the liberal B.S. about #believeAllWomen or #MeToo? Remember? Democrats left and right in the Senate or in the Media all said that every women victim are to be believed. But when its against their own politicians and big time anti trump speaker the democrats either in the media or politics are silent and are all saying the victim is lying.

The creepy Porn lawyer Avenatti was arrested for domestic violence and guess what the liberal media and democrats are silent about it.

Avenatti is thinking about running for president in 2020 under the democrat ticket. This was the guy that fabricated false allegations of rape against Kavanuagh. He was famous for saying why would the victim lie.

Now he is saying the women he beat up is lying about him beating her up.

This is another reason why the democrats and the liberal media in general are full of shit.

All that talk about women rights was all for political votes from the democrats and their friends in the mainstream media.
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