Standford University

Mr.Nobody is back!....But Just to make a quick stop.

Wondering if there are any Stanford alumni in here?.Any advice for a freshmen like myself?

I'm finally in.As expected collage life is rad.I'm currently working towards achieving my engineering degree.Its been an amazing journey so far.Grateful to be here.


  • Congratulations! Great institution. Engineering degree. You're on track to be great--so just work hard on it. Having made it this far, my impression is that you will have a great future.
  • congratulation.. what kind of engineer degree you are in for?. wish you luck young hard and cheers!
  • Much appreciated my island kinsmen.Going to represent all of Micronesia.
  • @Visafree/Kommol/thank you very much.Cheers!.

    I'm aiming for aerospace engineering.Flying aircrafts/spaceships always fascinated me ever since youth times.
  • (UPDATE)-Collage is still rad.Working towards one of my desired degree,the progress itself will be a long one.There's still a few bumps on the road.Nothing too serious.Aside from it all I'm assimilating into this pivotal part in life greatly.A whole different world inside these establishments.

    @Visafree/I meant to say Mechanical engineering.However both of those fields overlap one another.In a way both share the same purposes.I have plans to aim for one more degree though...
  • good for you MrNobody 905. way to go, keep at it and it will pay off. trust me.. cheers!
  • Don't become a liberal arts pseudo scientist like visafree. He was indoctrinated, not educated.
  • I just completed a two yrs technical college course, endured a two connect public transit both ways for 2yrs, was not easy, thanks to the FAFSA and one scholarship after,life is never been better, the need for job hunting on the road is over .With sound resume online, employers are now calling for job interview instead.. Thanks be to God and his knowledge, the sky is the limit.. cheers!!
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    If visa is a tech college grad then Sarem is a real Jew that he or she claims to be. Which is true? We may never know. lol
  • @Visafree/Much thanks Kinsmen.I'll certainly give my best effort.cheers!
  • Just ignore the trolls and continue your important work, MrNobody905. They are jealous that you are somebody.

    Micro needs ya, Dude.
  • Nobody is a smart conservative. I can tell. Unlike someone who pretends to care about democracy when he advocate for socialism in here. Comrade factsmatter of the world workers brigade. haha
  • Yah, Factsmatter. Micronesia needs an aeronautical engineer right away.
  • ...or was it astronautical engineering? Micronesia needs that especially.
  • What Micronesia certainly does NOT need are cynical internet the ones who pollute every legitimate post on this forum with their Trumpaganda and hateful negativity.
  • Calling out socialists and those who advocate it and saying its not in the best interest of Micronesia are legitimate concerns.
  • Still waiting for your definition of "socialism," Rasta. Everything you have posted so far demonstrates that you are clueless.
  • Socialism is described in the "Communist Manifesto" written by Karl Marx in 1848. Democrats are an example of socialists. They want to use the government to control every aspect of our lives. For example, they want to raise taxes so they can decide for us what we do with our own money. They want to take money from everyone's income and distribute it wherever they wish, usually to themselves first and then their constituents in the form of welfare benefits, social services and other government intervention programs. They want to control the economy and run businesses like your island public utility corporations. Look at the dilapidated public schools in Micronesia - that is a product of socialism. Despite millions of our tax dollars spent on them annually, public schools have poorer quality education compared to Christian private schools. Public schools are not free, we pay tens of millions of tax dollars for them annually. You might say, "...but not everyone can afford private schools." But that's because you live under a socialist government that taxes you. They take your hard earned money and buy their own relatives and campaign managers boats and other gifts. That is socialism. You know socialism well, because you were born in it and will remain impoverished under it. Hence, your migration to a capitalist country called the USA.
  • Socialism= More government control, less individual rights, free healthcare, free college, GND, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Venezuela, People Republic of China, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Fidel Castro, No freedom of the Press or 1st amendment=Socialism or communism now days its called would you believe it, Democratic Socialism.
  • That's not a definition, Rasta. It's an angry tirade, much like this one: Trumpism is a fascist, authoritarian, white racist, homophobic, xenophobic, hyper-nationalist, misogynistic, Putin-loving, Kim Jong Un-loving, anti-free press, anti-environment, anti-truth, pro-Wall Street, pro-kleptocracy, pro-nepotism, plutocracy.
  • Which party practise eugenics or dislike christians like the socialist nazis and communists? Which party wants to raise your children so they can indoctrinate them to think what they want them to think? Democrat Party, silly libtard.
  • Which party censors and controls the mainstream media like the nazis and communists? Democrat Party.
  • Which party wants to raise your taxes so high so they can redistribute your earnings, like the socialist Nazis and communists did? The Democrat Party.
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    If you are a Christian parent, you have better monitor your children. They are likely being brainwashed by professional socialists of the Democrat Party. Your Christian values may not pass on to your "libtarded" children. Socialists/Communists ultimately persecute Christians. Nazi Germany didn't conquer Austria. No, they sneaked in with political promises of free education and free social programs. Austria comprising of 80% Christians voted for Nazism in 1938. Later, bible studies were prohibited in schools, just like what the Democrats have been doing in the USA. Democrats want to prohibit the swearing on the Bible and anything Christian, just like the Nazis.
  • **
  • Did your mothers teach you to kill babies? Of course not! The socialist Democrat indoctrinators, aka caretakers, teachers and professors, taught you that. That is how your democrat party kills ten times more blacks than the Nazis killed Jews.
  • Fuck your American politics you nationalist cock sucker!! get lost !!. Can someone tell me, what happened to moderator??

  • Filthy mouth socialist Nazi.
  • Thanks Z for showing the truth.
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