Democrats Then: Lindsay Graham is a Hero/Democrats Now: Lindsay Graham is a Racist

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Senator Lindsay Graham of North Carolina

Liberal Hypocrisy at its best. Either You agree with liberals or you're a racist

Democrats praised as a hero for standing up to Trump. He was paraded all over the liberal mainstream media for his anti Trump comments. He was a liberal rock star. They Democrats in the Senate and mainstream loved and adored Lindsay.

But now they are calling the same Lindsay Graham a racist. His crime, for defending the GOP and agreeing with Trump on some of his policies. Now Lindsay is a Nazi and a white Supremacist all because he was the main reason Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

My Micronesian friends if You want to see liberals/democrats for what they really are try this experiment. Pretend you like Trump and you support cops and Christianity and see how they treat you. Say you believe there are 2 genders and marriage is supposed to be between man and women. Tell them you believe and agree only way immigrants should get into the US is by the legal way not the illegal way. I warn you the democrats will call you a racist and bigot if you tell these things.


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