Democrats Then:Jeff Sessions is a Racist/Democrats Now: Jeff Session is a Hero

Former U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Liberal Hypocrisy at its best/Agree with us democrats or you're a racist

When Democrats heard the Jeff Sessions was nominated By Trump to be the US AG, they all went out on a smear campaign and paint Jeff as a racist and bigot in order to get him not confirmed as AG. When Jefd Sessions started deregulation of the federal government and and supported that Christians can't be forced to make gay wedding cakes the democrats and liberal media lost their minds.

When Jeff sessions spearheaded the enforcement of Trumps travel ban the same democrats and mainstream media which is controlled by the liberals all called him little hitler and a white supremacists and islamaphobe and a bigot.

The democrats in the Hill and their friends in the media called for his resignation. And When Sessions resigned a few weeks ago the same democrats and liberal media called it a unconstitutional and attack on democracy that Trump got jeff sessions resignation.

They called for his resignation and firing and when it happened they want him to remain. Unbelievable.

At first Sessions was a racist so he must resign and now they got what they want its an attack on democracy.

This is liberalism.
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