Liberal Media Blame Right Wing For Riots In France, French Citizens Are Rioting B-Cuz Of Socialism





Franch has been rocked by a week of riots and the rioters are calling for france socialist President to resign.

The media in the U.S were quick to blame the riots on Ring wing politicians and groups. They are wrong.The riots are all about the government of Marcon, a leftist so called democratic Socialist government installing more taxes on the people of France.

A gallon of gas cost $6.38 in france, Diesel $6.00 ( While the U.S gas price at the national level is $2.56 (

Capitalism vs Socialism.

The media blame right wingers but fail to see or chooses to ignore the simple fact that the people in France are rioting against the socialist policies forced Upon them by a socialist government. The media Here in America is overwhelmingly Liberal and pro-Socialism like the democrats party and they are just protecting another socialist President.

In France the average worker makes $30,000 a year but get taxes 30%. In the US the if you make $30,000 a year you pay 12% tax. See the difference between socialist France and capitalistic America? In a ideal liberal socialist world you get taxed the hell out by the government. Free healthcare ain't free when the government tax you 30-40% to pay for that so called free healthcare.

This is what democrats want to install in the U.S. They call it Democratic Socialism. It ain't Democratic when the government can tax you whatever % they want. This is what we capitalists call big government. This is why Trump is deregulating the federal government at a fast rate, to ensure that the federal government don't accumulate much power and when that happens we have what is happening in france.

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