Big Steps...GOP Female Hyde-Smyth Wins Mississippi Special Senate Election!!!



  • "Individual 1" is in a position that no one would want certainly not a position that you would want your president to be.”
  • Humpty Dumpty is the new Director of Space Force while Cinderella is his
  • Another big nothing news there @errr, this was all disclosed to the public back in 2017. This is not new stuff its old stuff.

    And as for space force. The US in 10 years will have constant presence on the moon in ready for exploration and future colonization of Mars and ensure US dominance in space exploration.

    Space is The next frontier. And Trump is leading the way. When Humanity travel amongst the stars Trumps name will be remembered. Not bad for a guy whom the media dubbed anti science. lol
  • reaper, i'll tell you, no one in the world can argue against you period...., however, you cannot seal everything for Indiv 1. all the time, its funny development lately, hahahah, impeachment looming nd its not January yet, and as President Lincoln always said, "you can fool some ppl some times, but you cannot fool all the ppl all the time, hahahahahhh.....
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    Old news that individual 1 story is. Heard about and read about it 2017. Its abother big nothing burger. Its about a business deal to build a hotel and that deal didn't fall through. Antoher smokeless gun. lol

    @errr, individual 1 is so scared he has told the RNC chairman to remain for 2 years to help the Trump campaign in its reelection campaign in 2020. lol

  • lol, its about his lying and twisting of facts, ethical brother, ethical...its unlawful as a man at the helm, lol...Hyde-Smith is another reason he is going down...hahahahhh
  • his impeachment drama will be sooooooo harsh he wont live to see 2020, lol.....hahahahh
  • Hyde-Smith won her special election. The democrats lost because their platform was she was racist. Obama tried it in Georgia and Florida and it failed. Thats why the blue wave never came.

    @errr, Trump is already preparing for 2020. Lol. Get ready to be butthurt yet again.
  • its not even January , hahahahh......
  • Not 2020 yet $100 million already raised for 2020 reelection funds. lol

    Individual 1 is preparing 2 years ahead of 2020 reelection.MAGA

    Trump tops $100 million raised for his 2020 re-election campaign

    The president has more than $47 million in the bank as a significant show of strength against a possible Democratic opponent

    By Ben Kamisar
    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has raised more than $100 million toward his re-election bid, a staggering sum more than two years before the 2020 presidential election.

    The president's fundraising total, which includes his official campaign and two other joint accounts, raised about $18 million between July and September. That brings his fundraising total since January 2017 above the $100 million mark. And he closed September with almost $47 million in the bank.

    The latest numbers, filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday's quarterly fundraising deadline, provide a glimpse into how Trump is stockpiling money for his re-election bid at a historic rate and how he's choosing to spend that money.

    Trump's fundraising bonanza has been boosted significantly by small-dollar donations, with his campaign committee having raised a majority of its funds from donations of less than $200.

    But he's also wooing large donors through his joint fundraising committees, which are set up primarily to take in donations that can be split across multiple accounts. Venture capitalist Peter Thiel cut one of those campaigns a $250,000 check, for example.

    Trump's campaign spent $7.7 million over the last three months, including more than $1.5 million on legal expenses and about $1.6 million on advertising with a group called American Made Media Consultants.

    The New York Times reported that the company is the brainchild of Trump campaign aides and is being used to purchase advertising for the campaign.

    The campaign also donated $2,000 to 107 separate Republican candidates across the country.

    Trump has made no secret about his campaign's aggressive effort to prepare for re-election — he filed paperwork for a 2020 run on the day of his inauguration and he's taken aggressive aim at potential Democratic opponents on the stump.

    But having such a robust re-election effort less than two years into a presidency is rare.
  • his proud economy is taking a downturn right now, lol...
  • Like I said Reaper, aint nobody can win any arguments with you because you are a fool promoting foolishness, aint nobody wanna be in those sure thing is January will come in a form of blue wave, looming with impeachment, lol...
  • @errr, the only people who can't win a debate with me its those people who don't have facts and only rely on their feelings to debate with me hoping feelings will win out over facts. The only user who could go toe to toe with me in a debate was @Hidden, He like me used facts and data and studies to debate with me. He didn't use feelings or repeated what he saw on t.v like you errr.

    as for the Economy here is the latest report.....its doing good.

    @errr, the US 3rd Quarter-GDP growth is 3.5% the biggest GDP growth sincr 2014. And the reason for the booming economy is given to the Republican Tax cuts. lol

    Published 8:31 AM ET Wed, 28 Nov 2018 Updated 11:12 AM ET Wed, 28 Nov 2018
  • Reaper, I must warn you that I sense a lot of hate and jealousy from your leftist opponents. You must watch out. These are Micronesians who think a CEO billionaire who is also president of the USA is less intelligent than they are. Evidently, they are delusional and at the same time deranged, which makes them violently dangerous. I truly believe they may lynch you up in a tree if they could. The hateful spirit of the democrat grand dragons lives on within them.
  • Thanks for the heads up. These kind of liberals are only tough in the internet. But in real life they jelly fish. It also bug me when they complain about racism but Hawaii a democrat controlled state is racist towards Micronesians yet they cheer for the same party that is racist towards us.
  • In today"s society, the party of racist is the party of the Republicans.. why twisting the facts?.
  • no its the thick skull that cant beat....its not about facts, you may have facts about something you believe in, however, it does not mean you are right...its coming the impeachment is coming, lol, hahahhh.............bring out all the facts you want, lol.....
  • like I said no matter how clear trumpo is no good for America, you can't admit in your thick skull so thass it, you will never yield....
  • immodest and disrespectful, we have a president who lies incessantly to the American people about big matters and small matters, who surrounds himself with people who lie incessantly to the American people. The key fact now is that the time that he can get away with lying to the American people all the time and evading accountability is coming to an end, lol.....
  • @visafree, we are straying from the subject is Hyde-smith won. But since you want to go there. Tell us who created the KKK again? lol

    @errr, facts are on my side and support my argument. You? Feelings!.. The media says he lie so it must be true lol
  • Man here they are talking about Trump but they complaint that trump news is not worthy of being discussed in micsem.
  • January coming impeachment, blue wave, lol.......
  • No impeachment without hard corroborating evidences. And none have been found or linking his orange ass to Russian collusion.
  • Trump's intervention in to a pending criminal case to suggest he should go to jail is extremely unusual for a president to do....the case is still progressing
  • If Mueller is allowed to proceed unimpeded, the public may learn a lot more about what he has uncovered in the coming weeks. Some legal experts believe he will use the court filings to inform the public about the progress of his investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with the 2016 Russian election interference operation.
  • Reaper, here is a feeling for your facts, feel this, "trumpo is not appealing to a large part of America right now" and its going to be a harder in 2020 if his appeal gets narrower each month......
  • @errr, Mueller has not been impeded in his investigation. Trump hasn't intervened in the investigations. He could have but he hasn't and have let it continue independently for 2 years. Mueller has nothing. He will find nothing. He knows he got nothing. 13 lawyers will find nothing because The FBI couldn't found anything on Trump Russia collusion.

    Lisa Paige worked for the FBI and was a lawyer with the Mueller team before she was fired because she showed biased against Trump.

    Lisa Page bombshell: FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment
    With that statement, Page acknowledged a momentous fact: After nine months of using some of the most awesome surveillance powers afforded to U.S. intelligence, the FBI still had not made a case connecting Trump or his campaign to Russia's election meddling.

    And as a reminder for the mentally challenged. The FBI the CIA and NSA have all found no evidence of collusion.
  • @errr, like i said majority of Americans are conservatives. Liberal's or liberalism or Democrats or the left is the minority in the U.S.
    , here is a feeling for your facts, feel this, "trumpo is not appealing to a large part of America right now" and its going to be a harder in 2020 if his appeal gets narrower each month.

    The correct statement should be Trumpo is not appealing to the small part of America. And he will win again in 2020. That's the cold hard truth. Democrats have no leader right now that can challenge him. Democrats are divided, Hard left vs Center vs Moderates vs Libetarians vs socialists. On the Republican side is all honky dory and united front.

    Even democrats life long democrats have already acknowledged that Trump will win again.
  • Actually, there are caravans of democrats arriving at Tijuana to enter the USA. For decades now, illegal aliens have been using fake ID's and dead citizens' social security numbers to get jobs and to vote.

    Democrats at the capitol have vowed to prohibit voter ID or any other kind of ID cards at voting centers. They argue that most colored voters (e.g. blacks, browns, reds, etc) do not have the capacity to acquire ID cards. On the contrary, many such colored constituents have EBT cards and transactions these days require a form of ID (e.g. at banks, stores, airports, etc). Nonetheless, the democratic party insists that colored people have not the ability to acquire voter ID cards and to suggest otherwise "is racist." Here's what they really think about colored folks, (which by the way may include Micronesians.)
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