Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer Signals A Deal On Border Wall And Leftists AREN'T Happy


The Art Of The Deal At Work

Breaking News November 28/2018

Late Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that he and his fellow Senate Democrats were open to inking a deal with President Donald Trump to provide partial funding for the President's border wall.

Instead of demanding the border wall be excluded from funding in a budget fight set to take place next month, Schumer told reporters that he's willing to allocate as much as $1.6 billion for the border wall, which would run along the United States' southern border as part of a program to deter illegal immigration.

The pledge to allocate $1.6 billion is not a hard promise for Schumer to make. The Senate has already agreed to spend 1.6 billion for the border wall as part of an earlier budget plan, funding mostly Homeland Security projects. But President Donald Trump recently told Congress that he wants more -- at least $5 billion in funds -- to build the wall, and that he won't sign any budget package without a detailed plan outlining multi-year spending on a complete blockade.

"Asked if Democrats could support spending more than $1.6 billion on border security as part of a deal with Trump, Schumer said he did not want to negotiate through the press," The Hill reports. "The Senate passed $1.6 billion in wall funding in its Homeland Security appropriations bill, in line with the White House’s original request. But Trump has since upped the ante to $5 billion, an amount the House included in its version of the spending bill."

Schumer added that he and his fellow Members of Congress authorized more than $1.3 billion in spending specifically for immigration deterrence projects, and that the White House hasn't yet "spent a penny" of that money.

But fellow Democrats -- and particularly progressive activists -- immediately called Schumer's pledge a "cave," and accused the longtime Senate Minority Leader of being a "sellout" to President Trump's "racist" policies.
Make no mistake: this is political cowardice. We don't need a dime for a wall, a fence, a ping-pong net partition, none of it.

We need Democratic leadership who are going to have a goddamn backbone and reject this racist ideology. — Charlotte Clymer (@cmclymer) November 28, 2018
Schumer has little choice but to begin negotiations at $1.6 billion, but his office was eventually forced to clarify that Schumer's promise to fund the border wall -- even partially -- was "misunderstood," and that Schumer is actually in favor of a border fence.
Schumer’s office says the $1.6 billion in funding Democrats want is for border security generally - fencing, not a concrete wall as Trump wants to spend $5B for. Schumer at presser: “The $1.6 billion for border security negotiated by Democrats and Republicans is our position” — Manu Raju (@mkraju) November 27, 2018
There's not much difference between "fencing" and a "wall" -- at least in concept. And it's the concept the matters to the editors of Think Progress and Common Dreams, who also lashed out at Schumer, even suggesting that Schumer is no longer fit to be Senate Minority Leader.

It's too late, of course, to challenge Schumer for his role. The Senate decided on leadership positions weeks ago, and Schumer will hold his job for at least the next term.




  • Thats $2.8 billion on the bank for the wall already. Trump is demanding $5 billion and won't sign any democrat budget bill funding until 5 is given to the magnificent wall that will protect Americans from illegals and criminals and drug dealers. The democrats have little choice but to negotiate and if that 5 billion is given that will be $8 billion in funding for the wall.

    As @SaremChuuk says little steps....With little steps the democrats will agree to fund the wall and with little steps Trump will build the wall. Trump as 6 years to fund the wall and with little steps it will be funded and build.

  • What a coward. Why is he agreeing to fund that infernal wall. Damn him. He got no spine.
  • We all got to bend some way or give something in order to get something. In order for democrats to get what they want they must give something and republicans vise versa. Its not about being a coward or having no spine. Tit for tat or tat for tit. Thats why they call it negotiation. Other side give something and the Other side must also give something.

    If democrats want their bills passed they must come to accommodate the republicans. Anything the house must pass that is controlled by Democrats they have to get the republicans aboard. They will need GOP votes.

    Its politics its the way it always been and always will be. But like i said the wall will be funded one way or another. And Trump will do it one way or another.

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