Mississippi is 1 of the poorest states in the U.S. Washington and California always vote for a Dem

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Senator and Governors. Let's remember- most people in the U.S. are democrats. Because of the electoral college- trump won. The popular vote went to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Obama have always won both the popular votes and the electoral college- both terms. Let that sink in you.


  • This is information for my fellow micros!
  • There are 300 million people in the U.S, 73% of that 300 million are Christians. 73% of that 300 million are in line with the Republican or conservative party.

    219,000,000 is 73% of 300,000,000. Its safe to say most people in the US are republicans. And the Popular vote has never won the Whitehouse. The constitution says the electoral wins the Whitehouse. Without electoral we will have higher population states dominating the elections. Thats why the founding fathers of America in their wisdom saw the need of a electoral. So that California with a higher population don't dominate the elections.

    Thank the founders for their infinite wisdom.
  • did you read what i posted? Difference between electoral and popular? Why did you not comprehend my logic behind my statement?
  • Trump won thats the end, period. Im thankful for the electoral because it level the playing field.

    By the way get over it Trump won and Hillary lost. The end.
  • Just remember, Obama had 8 years!!!!
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