Democrat Congressman: Its Time To Abolish The Senate & Electoral College!

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I swear these liberals are losing their mind every day that Trump is in office. Not only do they want to abolish the Senate but they want the electoral gone too.

The Senate was created as a check against the power of the Executive Branch/President. its one of the 3 arms of the US government. All 3 check each other and make sure no dictator ever comes into power. But democrats still suffering from 2016 want the Senate gone.

It will means more power to the President and eventually dictatorship.

And this same congressman want the electoral to be abolished too. The electoral is there so that the less populated states have a say and a vote in the chosing of the President. It equalize the field. So that the higher population states don't control the outcome of the elections.

This is what this Liberal Congressman had to say:
“Twice in the past 18 years, we’ve seen the loser of the popular vote become president through the Electoral College formula, which gives that same disproportionate weight to small states, each of which gets two automatic votes for its two senators.”
-John D. Dingell (Democrat) on 12-4-2018

Not only do liberals want to abolish the Senate and Electoral college they also want to abolish the SUPREME COURT.

Liberal Vox News Media: The Case For Abolishing The Supreme Court

They say they fear Trump because they say he is a dictator yet they want to abolish 3 (Supreme court, Senate and Electoral) things that were specifically put in the constitution that were put there to make sure a dictator don't get elected or get a hold on power in the U.S

This is what Trump derangement syndrome does to the left. The left is going socialist and want to enact policies that would bring communist dictatorship to the U.S


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