Kaboom! Memo: FBI DISCOURAGE Flynn Not To Have A Lawyer In Interview

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What ever happened to warning a suspect or person of interest in a investigation that He or She have the RIGHT TO HAVE A LAWYER PRESENT WHEN QUESTIONED?

That right afforded by the constitution and U.S laws never came to the mind of the FBI under Obamas adminstration.

McCabe, who was appointed by Obama and whose wife donated thousands of dollars and who was fired by Trump was the person who told Flynn that he should not have a lawyer in prison.

((((McCabe was fired for lying under oath and leaking Russian related informations to the media and violation of FBI protocols)))

Per the Washington Examiner: Memo: FBI recommended Michael Flynn not have lawyer present during interview, did not warn of false statement consequences
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who arranged the bureau's interview with then-national security adviser Michael Flynn at the White House on Jan. 24, 2017 — the interview that ultimately led to Flynn's guilty plea on one count of making false statements — suggested Flynn not have a lawyer present at the session, according to newly-filed court documents. In addition, FBI officials, along with the two agents who interviewed Flynn, decided specifically not to warn him that there would be penalties for making false statements because the agents wanted to ensure that Flynn was "relaxed" during the session.

Later in the memo, Flynn's lawyers argue that the FBI treated Flynn differently from two other Trump-Russia figures who have pleaded guilty to and been sentenced for making false statements. One of them, Alexander Van der Zwaan, "was represented by counsel during the interview; he was interviewed at a time when there was a publicly disclosed, full-bore investigation regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election; and he was given a warning that it is a federal crime to lie during the interview," according to the memo. The other, George Papadopoulos, "was specifically notified of the seriousness of the investigation...was warned that lying to investigators was a 'federal offense'...had time to reflect on his answers...and met with the FBI the following month for a further set of interviews, accompanied by his counsel, and did not correct his false statements."

The message of the sentencing memo is clear: Flynn, his lawyers suggest, was surprised, rushed, not warned of the context or seriousness of the questioning, and discouraged from having a lawyer present.

In short order the FBI Told Flynn he did not need a laywer and having one will complicate things. They said to him in order to entrapped him.

What is Entrapped or Entrapment?

en·trap·ment is the action of tricking someone into committing a crime in order to secure their prosecution.

The fortunate thing is that a law enforcement is not allowed to induce a person to commit a crime. That would be entrapment, and in the US it is illegal.

Now the case is being reviewed by a judge who order the FBI and Mueller to turn in their papers to be looked over.

If the Judge and courts find that the FBI entrapped Flynn and discouraged him from having a lawyer present at interrogations consider the case against Flynn to be thrown out.


  • This is another case and example of how the Obama adminstration politicized FBI stepping over the constitution and U.S Laws and committing illegal deemed illegal under US laws and the constitution.
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  • Stick to the topic redsnapper, what are your thoughts on FBI UNDER OBAMA stepping over constitution and committing illegal acts to entrapped Flyn?
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  • ***************Breaking News*****************

    This just came out the Press 3 hours ago. Mueller has released the 302 forms regarding the interrogation of Flynn. He refused to do it 50 days ago when he was ordered by a federal judge but now today 3 hours ago he bowed to the will of the law.

    Now the 302s are being reviewed and looked over by the federal judge. And the media got a wind of it it was leaked that the FBI agent that was in charge of the Flynn interrogation and in charge of filling thr 302 forms is none other than disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok who was fired because he was biased against Trump and wanted to Hillary to win. This is the same Peter Strzok who lead the mueller investigation and who was fired by Mueller for showing biased against Trump.
  • More on Peter Strzok.

    Washington Post: FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts
    August 13, 2013
    The FBI has fired agent Peter Strzok, who helped lead the bureau’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election until officials discovered that he had been sending anti-Trump texts.

  • The man who was the lead FBI agent in charge of investigation Allegations of Collusion was also involved with entrapping Flynn. This same man was fired because he was ANTI trump and send thousands of texts and telling his lover he has taken out a insurance policy in Preventing Trump from winning the election.

    This is the same man who cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoings in the FBIs investigations on her and her deleting emails and having classified informations on her personal computer.
  • This man is name is Peter Strzok.

    1.He wanted Hillary to win in the 2016 election
    2.He found her innocent of destroying evidence
    3.He Was against Trump and didn't want him to win in 2016.
    4.He send messages saying he will do anything to stop Trump.
    5.He was in charge of Flynn interrogation
    6.He recommended Flynn from having a lawyer
    7.He entrapped flynn.
    8.He was let go by Mueller because of his anti trump views and messages
    9.He was fired by FBI for showing professionalism in a investigation which he was biased agains the people he was investigating.

  • This is all a set up. This originated from members of the FBI who were all appointed by Obama and who supported Hillary during the campaign of 2016.

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  • @redsnapper, the FBI is not corrupt but its polarized. It was politicized by Obama and his administration.

    FBI under obama Used Informations from Hillary Clinton to investigate Trump and spy on him. FBI used FBI agent with democrat leaning to lead the investigation to clear Hillary. FBI used FBI agent to Lead investigation against Trump and spy on him and entrapped Flynn. FBI fired Same investigator for same reason.

    When this entire investigation is done and clear Trumps of the democrats witch hunt. Trump and the Senate republicans are going to get back to find out why this was allowed.

    This is why Obama is active in the resistance. He is protecting himself. Because when its all said and done the republicans are going to get back on the trail.

    This is why Obama and Hillary and all the former obama officials are active in the resistance on Trump. They are protecting themselves and their corruption they committed.

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  • @redsnapper, the FBI agent was in charge of the investigations into Hillary's case was the same agent who was fired by Mueller because he showed biased against Trump and wanted Hillary to win over him in 2016.

    It means the FBI investigations on Hillary was a sham because the agent decalred her innocent while Comey found her in serious violation of protocols.

    When this Mueller thing is over and When Trump is declared innocent which mueller will He and the Senate will reopen her case.

    It all makes sense now. All these so called investigations were all brought about because of the Obama administration to forestall Trump and the Senate from investigating her. And when they investigate her they will be lead back to Obama himself. That is why released the Clinton dossier to the media and allowed his Justice department to use it to spy on Trump.

    When this witch hunt is finished Trump will hit back with vengeance and the Senate which is controlled by Republicans will go the mattresses and look into your mumba and Hillary.

    One thing about Trump i learned from reading his books is that he never forgets and he hits back hard.

    So don't count your luck because the mueller investigation is coming to an end and hasn't found anything to prove collusion or obstruction. And when its over the real investigations is going to take place.

  • Is that the long version of you got nothing? Lock her up bs you been had nigga!
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  • This all points to one thing the Obama administration corrupted the FBI. And when mueller is done Trump is going to reopen case on Hillary since Crooked agent cleared her.


  • He will reopen Hillarys case. Thats for sure. If and when this russian investigations is over he or his puppets in the Senate will.
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  • here is what the topic is all about, and lol to you reaper....Judge Emmet Sullivan, however, who was set to issue Flynn’s sentence on Monday, was not sympathetic. “How is raising these points consistent with accepting responsibility?” he asked Flynn and his lawyers as they stood before him at the lectern on Tuesday. He then lambasted Flynn for lying to federal agents on White House grounds while serving as the president’s top national-security adviser in January 2017, and for lying about his lobbying work for the Turkish government. “Arguably, you sold out your country,” Sullivan said. He added that while he would take Flynn’s 33-year public-service career and cooperation into account when sentencing him, he would not try to hide his “disdain” and “disgust” for Flynn’s crimes, and asked the government at one point whether Flynn’s conduct rose to the level of treason.
  • FBI was corrupted by failed President who no longer have a legacy.

    Now Democrats are o.k with breaking the laws and using illegal methods/entrapment which the constitution and US laws says it illegal.
  • Update on this story.....

    Comey admits that Obama knew about Hillarys emails. Obama said he never knew but Comey admits Obama and Hillary communicated through Hillarys personal email and computer.

    Obama said he never knew about it. But its now appear the failed President lied.

    The failed President who longer have a legacy corrupted the FBI, allowed the FBI under his watch to use illegal methods to force confessions through illegal acts of entrapment and overstepped the constitution and spied on Americans within American soil which is against the constitution (Spying on Trump campaign).
  • 2nd term is around the corner and lock her up investigations will come when witch hunt is over.
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