I know a girl who’s from the clan where the chiefs of my village came from nd I’m not a big fan of that.. she was raised in the US so I don’t think she should even be allowed to say she’s in a clan anymore cuz she don’t even live here. I don’t like how people in my village respect her because of her family instead of something she did and I can’t stand how they all think she’s so beautiful as if they’ve never seen anyone as pretty as her. It’s just not fair.. I hope she gets her FSM citizenship taken away from her so she’s never allowed to come back here anymore or to be allowed to have sons who can be chief of this village one day. I hope she realizes she’s not the prettiest woman in the world either.

And just so you know, when she came back to the islands everyone was looking at her and talking about how pretty she was. And it was like I wasn’t even there. You would have been annoyed too. Anyone would have. Plus she’s everyone thinks she’s really sweet and shy which makes it worse. She’s getting all of the attention and people around here treated her like she was some kind of princess, giving her special treatment and putting her before their own daughters. My family had me and the other young girls in my family do everything for her just cause of who her mom was and how the males throughout her family line have been chiefs of not just this village, but other villages as well. She didn’t even make her own water. Nor did she do ANYTHING to earn that much respect. I think that the whole chief and clan tradition is out of date and we all need to change it.

If you’re with me and want to help me out by calling her and her family out, let me know I’ll tell you how you can contact her. She needs to be put in her place and realize she’s no one special.


  • If you don't like her simply because she's pretty and you're jealous, then, there is nothing that anybody can do about it. If you don't like her because of her bloodline--that she might bear a son in the future who could be a chief someday--that is a totally different discussion. In Micronesia, and probably other countries that have chiefs or kings or rulers or monarchy, most likely those chiefly and kingly hierarchy were established eons ago, not only by traditional ways, but also by tribal fights, killings, ransom, women hostages, intermarriages and other heavy-handed ways.

    So if her ancestors were brave or accomplished in their ways or took no hostages when they invaded other villages--these are probably the reasons her clan has that particular title. Just some observations. In Micronesia, we know that villages that have good chiefs who are respected by the villagers usually operate well and are peaceful. The ones that are not peaceful are the villages that don't respect their chiefs for whatever reason; or the clan members are fighting for the chief title or something.
  • @marc i think people who have lived in the village their whole life should be the ones who are chiefs and have control over the land. Because she lives in America and she’s been gone for so many years ever since she was a toddler so she probably doesn’t even know anything about our land. It’s like a foreign land to her. Why should she be allowed to stay in her clan or have a son one day who can be chief? She might have been born in Micronesia but she was raised in America. She’s more American than Micronesian.
  • I’m not jealous, I’m just annoyed. She IS really pretty which I don’t think is fair. She’s got beauty and shes from a respected clan which gets her more attention than any other girl her age. And she was born with it she never earned it. Like the phrase “born wit a silver spoon”
  • What if I go up to her and tell her that I don’t think she’s worthy to be a member of her clan? Could that start a bigger problem
  • So the 2 issues: First, as far as clan affiliation and future chief, usually the clan will select a person, one of the clan members, who understands customs and traditional ways; who is respected in the community; who has resources; who can be a strong and effective leader for the village. A person selected to be a chief should have already have extensive experience and involvement with local and traditional ceremonies and have contributed greatly in the past--more than most--to the betterment of the village.

    So, if the future theoretical son comes down in the future from the states; and the mother wants him to be a chief; it will not just happen. Other clan members, equally qualified will be evaluated; to see who is best from among the clan to lead. That's usually how it works in many systems but it also may differ from place to place.

    Actually, it can happen that the clan will reach out to a little bit more distant relative--to find a person who would be a good chief. Remember that the clan itself needs support from the villagers. The chief must be able to receive support from the villagers because of his ways, his dealing with people, his contributing to peace and betterment of everybody. Any chief who don't respect the traditional ways or the norms will cause the village to be disorganized and create conflicts in the village. So that is one side of the issue.

    As for the other issue, the fact that she's pretty and you think it's unfair, that's a different discussion. I am not a psychologist; so I cannot read between your lines in your post; in order to give you some advice. All I can say is that there will always be somebody better than us--better than me and you and everybody else. I've learned that from my experience. There will always be somebody who is smarter, who has more money, who is faster, who is thinner, who exudes confidence, who can speak well, who is talented, who is more educated, who was born with a "silver spoon in his/her mount", etc. That's just how it goes.

    If I were you, I don't worry about her or her clan. Your post appear that you are smart and articulate; and can express yourself well; so I am assuming that you are a well educated person. So just continue to do things to make yourself better--don't compare yourself to others. Just know that each of us in this earth is one of a kind. We're all unique and special in our own ways. We can always find ways to improve; and keep improving. Don't let other people drag you down. I try to practice what I am saying because I see there are people who, sometimes, I wish I could be like. But I also have learned to love myself; to know that I can do whatever I want to do. I can find ways to be better than others--if I chose to do so. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Have a great 2019. All good things are there for your taking so don't be diverted by this one girl.
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