Kaboom! President Donald J. Trump signed into law the REAL ID Act Modification for COFA STATES

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Today, December 17, 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law H.R. 3398, the Real ID Act Modification for Freely Associated States Act. This law amends the Real ID Act of 2005 that had limited FAS citizens’ access to full term driver’s licenses and identification cards. On behalf of RMI Citizens living in the United States, the Embassy conveys its most sincere gratitude to President Donald Trump for signing into law this very important legislation that recognizes the special and unique relationship between the FAS and the United States. This Law will allow our citizens to participate more productively and contribute positively to their communities.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Marshallese residing throughout these United States of America and its Territories.

Marshallese Translation:

Rainin, Decomba 17, 2018 raan, President eo an Amedka Donald Trump ekkar sign i bwe en erom juon kien Bill nomba HR 3398, REAL ID nan Freely Associated States Modification Act eo. Kakien in im title eo an ej REAL ID Modification Act nan Armij ro jen FAS ilo an erom juon kien enaaj kio komman oktak ko nan manlok waween ko ilo kakien eo mokta lok im ekar komman bwe Armij ro jen FAS ak Majol, Micronesia, im Palau en etal wot nan er temporary driver license ko ak ID card ko. Ilo kakien in kio, driver license ko im ID card ko im rej etal nan Armij in FAS renaaj kio aetok lok kutier jen juon iio im rool nan kar waween eo mokta. Ilo etan Armij in Majol ro rej mour Ilo Amedka im Ilo Territory ko, Embassy eo ej kwalok an naan in monono im kammolol elap nan President Donald Trimp Ilo an kar signi bill in bwe en erom kien, im ilo an kile aurok in jemjera eo iumin Compact eo. Kakien in enaaj lap an jipan Armij in Majol ro bok ijoko konaer ilo aer pad im mour Ilo Amedka im Territory ko an.

Mede Kurijmoj im Abnuio nan aolep Armij in Majol ro ilo Amedka. Jeramman!


  • With this law being signed by that Nazi who hate brown people, Brown folks from the 3 COFA states will renew their license once every 5 years not every 1 year.

    This Bill was sponsored and written by a Republican Congressman and signed into law by a Republican President. These Nazis how dare they do this and help us brown skinned Micronesians. Especially that Trump guy who CNN told hated me because I have a brown skin.
  • congratulation to the people of RMI, ROP & FSM.
  • This starting during black mambas time ass clown. Just like the economy and unemployment data. Which your orange faced monkey is just riding along in the back seat. Space Farce & who’s going to pay? That’s right your dumb asses.
  • Trumpy foundation indictments coming in early 2019.
  • @redsnapper:"This starting during black mambas time ass clown."

    So Obama was a time ass clown?

    H.R.3398 - REAL ID Act Modification for Freely Associated States Act115th Congress (2017-2018

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    Sponsor: Rep. Young, Don [R-AK-At Large] (Introduced 07/25/2017)


    Obama left office in January 20/2017, this bill/started/ was introduce to Congress on July 25/2017. 6 months After Obama left office. And signed a year later today.
  • @redsnapper:" Just like the economy and unemployment data."

    Under President Barack Obama: 4 million jobs lost, unemployment rose from 7.8% to 9.9%, the S&P 500 was 1,115.1 and the GDP went down 2.8%.

    1.The economy went booming up under Trump.

    2.Trump has set the economy on fire and booming.

    3.Economist give credit to booming economy to Trump, not the time ass clown (Obama).

    4.Under Trumo Unemployment rate falls to 3.7 percent, lowest since 1969 (Obama was still in college)
  • Bs runs wild. Didn’t your orange monkey, say he will shut down the government and not blame dems for it just last week? Then this morning tweets the dems own the shut down. You repo just heard the orange faced ass clown make a lie. But you know, he is the best big time lying SOB ever to sit in the WH. reconcile this one for us. I DARE YOU.
  • Did you look at the markets today? Please explain how this is part of orange ass clown MAGA policies?
  • The FSM government offers thanks and gratitude to the US Senate & President Trump on behalf of the people of the federated states of Micronesia.

    Home Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in Washington, D.C.

    President Donald J. Trump signed into law the REAL ID Act Modification for the Freely Associated States Act
    Washington, DC., — December 18, 2018 — Yesterday in Washington D.C., President Donald J. Trump signed into law the REAL ID Act Modification for the Freely Associated States Act H.R. 3398 was recently passed this month by the Senate through unanimous consent after the same bill was passed and referred by the House. The following statement was released yesterday as an expression of appreciation by President Peter M. Christian:

    “On behalf of the citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia residing in the United States of America, I extend to President Trump, the sponsors and supporters of the REAL ID modification bill in both the House and the Senate our sincere appreciation and warm thank you. The signing of this bill into law will make life much easier for our citizens to obtain state identification documents and drivers licenses. Furthermore, it provides a clear statement by the United States that it fully recognizes the privileges extended to our citizens who are lawfully residing in the United States pursuant to the Compact of Free Association.”

    The White House also released a statement on the said bill, which is as follows:

    "On Monday, December 17, 2018, the President signed into law: ...H.R. 3398, the “REAL ID Act Modification for Freely Associated States Act,” which authorizes States to issue permanent driver’s licenses or identification cards to citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Palau; .."

    FSM citizens throughout the U.S. have kept a keen interest in the bill because it will help ease the difficulties in obtaining IDs and driver licenses which are now required under the existing 2005 REAL ID Act.

    Please contact the Embassy of Micronesia in D.C., at (202)223-4383 or contact the nearest FSM Consulate in your area should you require more information on this new law

  • redsnapper get educated again like always. And gets dunnked on his fake times ass clown wanna b responsible for economy and unemployment and passing of this law. This is What happens when you smoking on trump derangement sydrome. Stick to weed like me red and you will never get schooled.
  • Ratsassman! Where da money nigga? We still waiting for tequila Jose to give us the pesos for your wall? Oh wait, orange monkey wants US tax payers to pay for the wall. Looks like you been conned nigga. Lock her what? Nice chatting but I got to go rake the yard to prevent forest fire.
  • Shits too funny. Worst December since 2008 when another republican fuck screwed the economy by giving tax breaks to the rich. Hmmm sounds familiar to the older crowd but you might have been still wearing diapers at the time.
  • Reality tv star realizing Presidency might not be his thing and can seriously fuck himself and family up. Needs a rally real bad. Need to gather up some dumbasses in the south somewhere and hold rally.
  • The markets are reacting to the incoming socialist congress. Instability in Washington is bad for the economy. But its good for the democrats.
  • we democrats own this shut down. we got baited to it and those fools nancy and Schumer fell to his trap.
  • Z you dumbass! When black mamba left, the markets had been going up for several years Orange fuck face will have the first market that is negative for the full year! Reconcile that nigga!
  • Whenever the economy is doing great, Obama takes credit; but if it plummets, it's Trump's fault. That's liberal logic hogwash. All this talk of impeachment has ramifications on the economy. Put yourself in investors' shoes. Would you invest if an incoming congress wants the president thus the economy to fail, so their party may win in 2020? I would lose confidence in an economy if such instability is forthcoming. I would probably invest somewhere else, like in China, where government is stable and the leadership is secured.

    During President Obama, we had a mere one-percent growth-rate and the liberals didn't complain. Trump brought about four percent growth rate and they've been unhinged since 2016. The media-controlled liberals have been rioting, looting, and many protesting in the nude waving dildos on the streets. Shameless and unhinged.
  • sit down and shut up!!!!
  • The liberals have shut down the government for their illegals yet again. #AnotherDemocratShutdown like in 2017

  • Orange Fuck face just signed the thing and had nothing to do with drafting it or pushing it though congress. So...... I’m alone poor me hahahaha
  • Merry Christmas from the 45 Whitehouse....lol

  • Avery white Christmas I see. What color are you retard?
  • I don't see color. I see a group of people celebrating Christmas at the Whitehouse. Only racists see color ain't that right @redsnapper.

  • A very white Christmas. In line with KKK rules and regulations.
  • History repeat itself....Liberals.lol

  • Trump: who’s going to pay for the wall?
    Crowd: We will!
  • Trump: When we gonna lock her up?
    Crowd: Never!
  • Trump: Why am I alone in Whitehouse?
    Crowd: Because you Suck!
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