We-Democrats get outmaneuvered by Trump again on shutdown

The orange baboon did it again and outmaneuvered our partys leadership and because of that we will the blame for the shutdown will be placed on our partys doorstep.

Here is how he did it. He met democrat leader Pelosi and Schumer in the White house and he had the media covered it. During the meeting they spared over the shutdown and border wall. Nancy and Schumer said they are for border security. He got them to admit that. Then he cornered them by saying if the Republicans had the votes to pass a spending bill to avoid a shutdown along with border security.

Nancy and Schumer took the bait and said the Republicans couldn't passed the spending bill in the house because they won't agree to fund the wall and if they did passed it democrats would vote yes on no shutdown.

They thought republicans in the house wouldn't passed it.Yesterday the Republicans passed the spending bill along with border funding. Now our party along with Pelosi and Schumer won't vote on.

They got outmaneuvered. They admit on life t.v they are for border security and would vote for it if it passed the house. They are now backing out of that promise they stupidly made on t.v.


  • Nancy and Schumer should have realized something was not right when he invited the media to cover the meeting life. And when they realized it was too late. Nancy realize this mistakes and requested that they have the meeting in private without the media present.
  • Wow! That’s some alternate facts! This is what really happened,

    Speaking to Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the Oval Office, Trump said on December 11, “I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck. … I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it.”

    And on a Friday morning “ the democrats own the shutdown. This is your lying orange fuckface. You been conned nigga! You been had and done up the ass nigga! No money for you. Hahahaha hahahahah

    Get Mexico to pay. that too another lie. Fuck you trump turds are so too stupid . You have been lied to over and over and still take it up the ass from president bone spurs. Merry Christmas to all federal workers not being paid i from mar a lago
  • Nancy said: If it passed it the house we will vote for it in the Senate.

    Trump said: I can get it pass in the house.

    Nancy said: You can't and and if you we will vote for it because we are for border security too.

    Schumer said: That's right. Get it passed in the house and we will vote for it.

    It passed and they the liberals are against it. They thought it would never passed in the house. They were counting on that.

    And we now know like in 2017 the Democrats care more about drug smugglers and illegals and criminals than they do about American citizens.


  • We Democrats own this shut down. Our leaders promised to vote on it if it passed the house and it did now they can't because they know it will anger their voters if they vote yes but they said they would if it passed it house.

    They got outmaneuvered. That is why Nancy and Schumer realized at the last minute to now talk about it with the t.v covering them.
  • commander bone spurs missed the WW1 commemorative day in France for US Marines because of rain. Then followed it up with not attending Veterans Day ceremonies in Washington DC where he was only 2 miles away? This pathetic excuse of a commander in chief gave the excuse he was making calls. When told Obama went to all 8 ceremonies during his presidency, fuck face said “ I probably should have gone” FUCK YOUR ORANGE TOUGH TALKING ASS CLOWN. To date, this piece of shit monkey hasn’t visit the troops in any war zone. Obama did it 6 months in. Where’s orange faggot? Too chicken shit to be where America’s hero’s are! Explains the draft dodging excuses. Fuck you retards who support this lying ass bull shit coward and lame ass excuse for a president. Let’s see you morons defend this stupid orange low life on why he missed these sacred events.

  • you liars....“I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck."
  • @IronYouth, if only more democrats were like you the US would be great again.

    @rastaman, Yes sir you nailed it. This is another Democrat shutdown. On that life interview they claimed they were for border security and both democrat leaders said they would be on board. They thought the house republicans wouldn't fund the wall. Nancy said we would have a shutdown if republicans controlled house don't pass the Bill. Now they passed it and GOP house called their bluff the democrats folded.

    This is another Democrat shutdown. Like in 2017 for DACA illegals now they are shutting it down for illegal border crossers.

    Another Schumer/Democrats shutdown.
  • dyspeptic diktats
  • You ass crowns are both deaf and blind. The whole country saw and heard orange fuck face say he’ll be proud to shut down the government and won’t blame you (democrats). niggas! Get a grip. You all deaf, blind and dumb! Take a bow because you are special.
  • We Republicans were conned by the Liar-in-Chief. So sad.
  • edited December 2018
    Ironyouth, I think your full of fake news,, twisting the fact will make it more ugnlire then that?.. it is true that the president called the meeting to negotiate the wall on national TV.. man will do just about anything to get what he wantys, this time around MONEY, a lots of it!.. that will be a hit and run case but the only place he can run and hide at is Fed Prison?... Its a political promise that has no base.. according to the majority leaders..
  • Is that MS-13 tattoo?
  • Another liberal has awoke from the fake news slumber. Good.

    Nancy-Republicans don't have the votes to pass it in the house.

    Republicans-Passed it, here you go Nancy!

    Democrats-Ah shit he got us again.

    Mainstream media-Don't worry Nancy we will make it look like the Republicans shut it down.

    Americans-We aren't falling for that democrat blame shifting shit again and we didn't fall for it a year ago.


  • Porn star nigga! It may have passed in Republican controlled House but who gives a shit. it was dead on arrival in senate because some republicans want the orange man to honor his campaign promise and make Mexico pay, not US taxpayers. So it’s over, game over. Orange fuck face and his blind, deaf and dumb followers aren’t going to get a wall for Christmas. Hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha. AND forget about it from January on on. Hahahaha you been conned nigga! Now go rake your yard.
  • See porno nigga, this is how it works because you’re dumb, and don’t feel bad dumb is not a crime. if you are president and your party controls house and senate and nothing passes, then your party lacks leadership. The blame is on the leader of the party period. In this case the leaders is a dumb as fuck reality tv personality. Goes by the name of commander bone spurs or Putin’s bitch
  • Space farce! Mexico will what? Lock her what? Repeal and replace what? Best people what? Best brain what? It’s just getting real to the orange fuck face that leadership outside his corrupt empire is tough.
  • And This is a #Democrat Shutdown. 60 votes needed in the Senate, only 54 republicans in the Senate and 47 democrats. The GOP Republicans passed it in the House, GOP in the Senate Are for voting to end shutdown but Democrats care more about illegals and won't work together to stop the shutdown. Because they care more about illegals.

    This is why Trump will won again in 2020. MAGA my N166A
  • It’s obvious the brain wash is complete with you! Just think a minute. In front of the whole world he misspoke and In front of the whole world Again was laughed at at UN. Think of that. He says very bad things about his intelligence services and Complete disrespect of veterans not showing up to honor WW1 marines because of rain and then missing Veterans Day memorial. Think of that a minute. Not visited the troops in war zone in 2 years. Think of that Obama’s went in 6 months. Think about the man you praise versus his character as a leader. Merry Christmas .
  • You imbecile. Look it up in dictionary. Why should dems support a stupid ineffective pissing wall that your orange faggot said Mexico will pay for? He should make his bs promise real and get Mexico go write a check. Why is the taxpayer paying for it? He did it himself. Did he lie to the Americans people? It appears so. So fuck your monkey no money for him. You are retarded to support US taxpayers to pay for a wall your fuck face said someone else will pay for. You morons.
  • Fuck face appears to make promises he can’t keep! Hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
  • @z, we democrats own this shutdown and you are right.

    @redsnapper, this shutdown is on us democrats and there is no comparison between Obama and Trump. Obama was indecisive leader whereas Trump decisive. They claimed they were for border security now it appears they were just saying it for the t.v

    @visafree, our democrat leaders said if the house passed it they would vote on it. They lied again.
  • And why should US taxpayers pay for the wall? Please explain.
  • Sorry, Democrats but we Republicans own this shutdown.

    We control the House, the Senate, and the White House. But we failed to pass a budget.

    Most importantly, our Great Leader told us he would be "proud" to shut down the government. (And we know that he would never lie to us, right?)
  • Still waiting. Why should US taxpayers pay for this stupid wall orange fuck face said Mexico will pay for? Please explain.
  • Ironic douche your ignorance is astounding. The dems offered $25 billion for trump to use he just had to make a path for dreamers. He said no, so no money for the wall he could have had in August. WTF deal making skills does your monkey have? Politics is comprise, Not childish it’s my way or no way, which fuck face received from the dems. and so there’s a shut down. Clear enough or should I break it down to 3rd grade level the way your orange baboon thinks and acts
  • Last week your stupid orange fuck tweeted a conspiracy theory about his followers and likes and shares being manipulated by social media! I mean WTF is this draft dodging, sticking his orange penis in whores wasting his time with tweeter numbers? He’s the POTUS for crying out loud. Isn’t there more important things he should worry about? Like the stock market dropping over 2000 points in one week, or re-thinking his Syria move? He should just say he misspoke and the world will understand that he was not thinking straight. Hahahaha
  • @ Ironyouth, I think you miss understood the democrat leaders and where theu stand they made it clear to the president that there will be no wall.. btw a border security can be done with out the "big junk of wall" president want it, he the president is fighting for a wall because his basethrow him under the bus already?.. amazin garce how fucked up the man is..sorry!
  • the Great Wall was already built by China thousands of years ago....lol
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