Majority Of The Left Mainstream Media Acknowledge That Trump Is The Favorite To Win In 2020 Election

edited December 2018 in General


"The Left-Democrats might have won the house by 34 seats But Trump won the election and 2020 already"
-Liberal leaning Newspaper The Guardian (Sat 10 Nov 2018)

"Why Trump Is the Favorite to win in 2020"
-Liberal Leaning Newspaper The Atlantic (NOV 11, 2018)

<"b>Trump Have a 70% Chance of Winning in 2020"
-Liberal Newspaper and T.V News The Daily Beast (DEC 06, 2018)

"Trump will likely win reelection in 2020"
-Liberal Leaning Newspaper The Hill (December 15, 2018)

"We’ve been treated to a succession of wish-fulfillment exercises disguised as news features — a stream of “last days of the Trump administration” pieces reappearing across two years of scandals. These have created the expectation that not only will Trump not be re-elected, he may be dragged out of the White House at any moment. But such cheery stories run counter to reality. By any rational standard, Trump in the past two years has made huge political gains and the left is going into 2020 underestimating him like they did in 2016."
-Liberar Leaning RollingStones (NOVEMBER 20, 2018)

"Trump Will Win a Second Term"
-Liberal New York Times (Sept. 29, 2018)

"Trump 7-5 favourite to win re-election 2020"
-Liberal leaning Washington Examiner (December 07, 2018 )

"Clinton aide Philippe Reines predicts Trump will win a second term"
-Liberal leaning Politico (11/06/2018)

"Voters See Better Chance for Trump Reelection"
-Rasmussen Report (11/07/2018)

"Despite bad low approval Trump will win again in 2020"
-Liberal leaning CNN (DEC/15/2018)

"CNN Poll: More See Trump Winning Second Term "
-CNN (10/15/2018)

"Donald Trump Is Still The Favorite To Win In 2020 "
-Liberal Leaning HuffPost (11/14/2018)


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