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Kaboom! Reaper is a fucken idiot. This site is not what it used to be because Reaper and his cohorts showed up and no one is checking is his idiotic ways. Fuck this ignorant prick and I am sick and tired of this place and its foreign topics. Do the world a favor and off yourself Reaper. You unoriginal piece of shit. You love American topics because there is no need for original thoughts beside the cut and paste of ideas from well discussed topics.


  • Hows this for unoriginal...

  • Ignorant means uneducated and illiterate. How can i write sentences to form portray my thoughts in here if i was illiterate. How is that possible? Kaboom!
  • god if I can lay my hands on you and PwnSttar, I'd beat the shit out of both of you two motherfuckers who are but the same person. You live in Guam. I will be at Wyndam Garden in two days. Meet me there so I can beat the SHIT OUT OF YOU. Go fuck you daughter and sister again you motherfucker.
  • It's not smart to tell law enforcement officer to meet them to fight them. If you ever meet me in person please run away and get as far away from as you possible can. I always carry a Glock 27 Gen×4 .40 Cal S&W with me when im on duty and off duty. 10 bullet clip and all hallow point.

    I'm all about increasing our race not decreasing it. I don't want you to end up on the Kaum 6 O'clock news with your mother crying and telling people about how a good person you were.

    Do as your party says and be tolerant of other folks different views and respect their rights. Stop whinning like a little bitch because @Reaper is using his or her right to express him or herself.

    His discussions wouldn't keep going to the top of this forum if it wasn't for your other liberal friends who partake in his or her original topics and discussions.

    Merry Christmas and Increase the Peace.

  • He mad. He really really mad. Im scared.

    Nicely said Pawnstar. Nicely said indeed.

    Another tolerant liberal exposed for intolerant Piece of garbage that he is.

    Pawnstar if ever you come to Hawaii let me know.

  • I have connections in Guam. I will find you. I will hurt you. Watch your six.
  • Nothing "new" about triggered Democrat hatred. They have been lynching, rioting and crying ever since they lost the American Civil War. Here's a carol to spread good cheer. Merry Christmas!

  • No Bullshit Republican or Fake Shit Democrac. This will be a bipartisan beat down. I will beat the shit out of you. I will choke you out. Pwesekihinow. I will see you in 2 days. Shut up or put up. Otherwise, get out of our forum. I will find your family and fuck your wife. I have been studying. You are done you piece of shit. I will take back this forum by hurting you and your family. I have been watching you and now know who exactly who you are and I will beat you up. Go to bed and you will not get hurt.
  • lmao@bipartisan beat down. I think she meant to say nonpartisan. The uncensored threats only show how bias the forum moderator is and how the left is full of vile hatred and violence, like MS-13. Where would we be without the second amendment? US customs and immigration should deport dangerous people like microspring2014.
  • You know I meant bipartisan. Fuck the American system. I am coming for you in Guam. Get ready for a serious beat-down you piece of shit motherfucker. You are an American reject. Go and fuck your daughter again.
  • You are the reason the USA needs good borders. You are a non-immigrant, like an MS-13 refugee. The US will soon stop migration by illegals and violent migrants like you and MS-13. It's only a matter of time before ICE rejects entry. Keep talking. Your liberal tears are not only amusing, it is useful for immigration policy-making.
  • Is this the same "microspring2014"? His/her posts in the past were clear--oftentimes, sound legalese--but precise and to the point; analysis were concise; and personally, I learned a lot from his previous posts; and had continued to hope that he/she comes back to the Forum with the same perspective of things. At this important juncture of the FAS developments, we need to hear from the former "microspring2014". Just some wishful thinking.
  • Trump: Who will pay for the wall?
    MAGA Retards: We will!
    Hahahaha hahahaha
  • @microspring2014, why are you mad at me bro. In thought this was about reaper but laughed (hahaha) and you went mad and now want to fight me. This is the internet bro. its easy to talk tough behind a screen.

    Its Christmas dude and i think you should drink a patch of a sakau or 2. Relax chill enjoy life. Our savior birthday was yesterday. Be merry make merry be thankful for life and what you have. Don't go looking for trouble because trouble has a way of biting back.

    And No i shall remain in this forum for as long as i like. This is a public forum where all and every views are welcomed. I like it here and no one is going to tell me to get out.

  • marc, sorry man. Merry Christmas.
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  • lol.....Tolerance...... \__( * _ * )__/
  • Weird isn't it? The ones telling people to shut up and threatening people in here and threatening violence against their family are the ones who claim are progressives and open minded and are aligned with the views of the Democrats.

    They always say in here that we who have views that are aligned with the Republican party are bigots and xenophobic yet its the Democrat aligned Micronesians in here who are intolerant of others who's views differ than them.

    This is also what is happening in the United States. Democrats shutting down and threatening violence and committing violence to silence those who disagree with the Democrats.

    Tolerant only when we agree with them and sing the same tune and dance to the same music they like. But if we chose a different song or tune and like a different genre of music or have a different view on politics the Democrats stop being tolerant.

    These fuckers need to smoke weed and get laid and stop thinking politics every day. Don't be like redsnapper or FactsMatters, these two fuckers take Never-Trumping to a whole new level. I bet when they make love to their wifes or boyfriend or when they jerk off they think about Trump.

    Smoke weed drink some beer and get laid. Thats the cure to Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  • you are all what s been described, deranged from the famous "Hitler Like Character" lol, that's whats
  • all you idiots are not getting the picture, we don't want anymore trump topics in see the world differently than us, for example, you see dogs as pets or turtles as friends and we see them as yummy ummed meats, now you feel it? we see things differently so go and play your political unuendos somewhere else, we 're sick of you all, I join Microspring to say go fuck you selves and get lost...
  • Trump: Who will pay for the wall?
    MAGA retards: Mexico! Indirectly! but in the meanwhile We Will!
  • The micsem liberal: we don't want Trump topic

    The same micsem liberal: Commenting on trump topics.

    Hypocrites. They love trump, they breath Trump, they think trump, and they eat trump 24 hours and 7 days a week.

    Trump topics will never go away so long as democracy lives in Micronesia. Freedom baby...Use em while you have em.

  • hey Reaper, when you used the word kapoom! what kind of language is that, and what it means, man?
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    *used to represent the sound of a loud explosion.

    Like in Kaboom! The libtard media knows whats coming in another 12 months.

    Kaboom the economy is up.
    Kaboom unemployment is down.
    Kaboom GDP rate is up.
    Kaboom Liberal tears are contributing to global warming. lol
    Kaboom Trump will get elected in 2020.

  • so you mean to explode the fake news in here?.. i see.. well, from the looks of things going on in the country, this trump shut down shows that the president is on loosing ground and come january and, things will be changed,, and Trump is a sitting duck, all alone and lonely in the White house?..imagine shutting down the government for the price of a political promises?..give me a break!
  • News from media controlled by your party so how can they be fake. You libs have been saying he is going to lose, you've said it During 2016 and he won the election, said it 2017 and unemployment was down, said it 2018 and no blue wave. You will be saying that all the way to 2020 and 2024.

    And its a fact...
    The democrats own this shutdown.
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