What actions might be needed to jump start the tourism industry in Pohnpei?



  • I am no expert but I would think that if you were head of a port authority supporting certain segments of tourism, you would choose established airlines for wealthy tourists rather than the economy ones with goats and tribesmen in the cockpit. I read on KPress an FSM citizen is suing such an economy airline. I don't think it's racism. Port authority with FAA are usually more concerned about safety and sometimes protectionism. Which brings to mind, why aren't any FSM vessels (air or sea) landing regularly in Guam? Too many goats and tribesmen probably..? Next time your politicians vacation over at Harmon Loop to go shop at K-Mart, ask them why they they didn't use an FSM airline or ship vessel. Perhaps such an inquiry would motivate them to apply their political science with Guam port authority rather than solely on their constituents.

    Guam has resorts for wealthy tourists. This reveals their strategy to lure top notch asian tourists. But the roach motel on Harmon Loop, where our political scientists stay, does not equate "resort." Wealthy tourists don't travel long distances to come live in a Motel 6 either. That wealthy segment come to enjoy being pampered, to relax, as well as experience new things and visit new places. Do we have trained masseurs and masseuse? Perhaps COM should be providing spa and wellness classes. Political Science 101 is apparently useless.
  • Fact of the matter is that the US Government does not allow Pacific islands airlines like Air Niugini or Air Nauru to land in Guam. This is a fact and there is no sugar coating or no bullshit explanations you idiots can offer on this. So you should stop trolling Micsem and just stick to your fake missionary activities.
  • One of the barriers to development of tourism in the FSM is the expensive airfare into and out of Micronesia. So I am surprised that all of your discussions fail to mention this or anything to solve this problem. And judging by the tone of your comments, it is clear that none of you are bonafide native Micronesians.

    So what are non-Micronesians doing discussing Micronesian topics on a Micronesian forum? Why do you motherfuckers troll this forum so much? It also looks like some of you cover this forum 24/7 as if you were assigned to it as part of your jobs. Shouldn't you be out on the streets trying to deceive and baptize Micronesians?
  • You don't have to be a racist mormophobe. Coconuts grow in every tropical region and drunk by people of different faiths, not just by pagans in Micronesia ( I assume you are pagan due to you unchristian verbal abuse). Your question on airline monopoly rates actually derives from my previous point. Remember, if you are not a motherf'er, then you are probably shooting blanks.
  • Marc,
    You know with a lot of things to see in Guam and Hawaii and again Pohnpei being situated in the middle of these two giants, we should start looking into and you've mentioned it, Package Tours. These tours will be packaged for Pohnpei. This will guarantee a group to travel to Pohnpei with a package tour.
  • So the KP is reporting that Japan government is provide $181,394 grant to construct Man Madol Cultural Center. Total cost of the Center will be about$486,616 with FSM Government and other sources to provide the rest of the needed funds. I think this will be a good boost for Pohnpei tourism as Japan and other parties' actions highlight the value of this cultural treasure which had been designated as UNESCO World Heritage site--as has been mentioned by several posters in this Forum.

    I think this will make it easier to develop package tours as Paclands has mentioned above. Yes, the Pohnpei airport was already extended to be able to accommodate long-distance charter flights.

    We don't have to bring in thousands of tourists at one time. We can start small by having tourism packaging organizations/experts to assess the other tourism assets in Pohnpei; so that they too could be improved. So that they can also help us determine the appropriate and profitable number of tourists arrival per week; so that steps are taken as soon as possible to work with tour packaging groups in order to get us going. Hope so.
  • Besides Nan Madol, Pohnpei's other tourist attractions are the WWII artifacts... shore artillery, tanks, aircraft and anti-aircraft guns, for example. These sites should be cleaned up, made accessible, and properly advertised. Japanese tourists will come.
  • FM, thanks for sharing the photos and the link. I am sure there are photos of other attraction sites that other posters in this Forum might already have in their files.

    It'll be good to have such photos posted in this Forum; so that we can draw attention to these assets that are available on Pohnpei; so that actions could be taken to preserve and highlight them as good visiting sites into the future.
  • I always believe that there are a myriad types of people that are attracted to even a greater number of things. Pohnpei is so blessed with a diversity of natural beauty. There are good waves for the surfers to ride, manta rays for divers to see, mangrove forests for kayakers to weave through the channels in them, love corals and dishes to get close and personal with, the numerous mountain peaks for lovers of high altitudes, and the waterfalls to enjoy a cool and refreshing spray of water to end the day or take a relaxing swim in the natural pools in the rivers. Then there is the exotic food to quench the appetites in the evenings. Certainly someone or many someones can take advantage of these blessings to after and bless visitors as well as their own family(ies) and the people of Pohnpei.

    Any enterprising young people in Pohnpei or in the FSM, for that matter?
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