January 3, 2019
6:30 PM PST

The sun will rise tomorrow over the eastern United States to greet a Congress of the United States divided between members of the Republican and Democratic parties. The House of Representatives will have a Democratic (and democratic) majority, led by SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, the human most hated by Republicans. More hated than Hillary Clinton.

And the result should be, if the people of the United States are to be well served, a series of “put up or shut up” moments engineered by Speaker Pelosi where the Republican members of both houses will be confronted by legislative proposals involving issues which are supported by a significant majority of Americans, and which Republicans oppose.

The first will be the legislation to reopen the government, and will test Republican cohesion, while the government remains shut. The House will not budge. No funds for any wall. NO FUNDS. And the legislation which will pass the House and be sent to the Senate tomorrow is the SAME IDENTICAL LEGISLATION that the Senate approved by voice vote two weeks ago. That almost all of the Republicans in the Senate have already voted FOR, two weeks ago.

"I was in favor of it until I was against it." LOL.

Every Republican in the Senate has federal employees and federal contractors who live and work AND VOTE in their districts. Twenty-two Republican members of the Senate are up for re-election in less than two years, and must decide whether to support the president and the party, or to support their constituents who are out of work over a wall that the president promised Mexico would pay for. SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI will not budge. She will just continue to send the same legislation from the House to the Senate, and at some point the Republicans will fold. Because they are just bullies. And for the most part crybabies. And they want to get re-elected.



  • Oops. Spoke too soon. SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI offered and obtained passage of, all seven funding bills, and sent them on to the Senate, by 9:00 PM EST, tonight. No sense wasting time, I guess. Seven courageous Republicans in the House voted with the Democrats. How many Republican Senators will be camping on McConnell's doorstep begging to bring the bills to a vote tomorrow?
  • They need to pass those bills so that we can find out what's in them.
  • They are the same bills that the Senate passed by voice vote two weeks ago. Six are budget bills funding various agencies and departments through end of FY. The seventh is a CR to find Homelans Security for about five weeks to argue some more about a wall. Senate passed all seven by voice vote two weeks ago.
  • Oh, I see. So she is passing Republican bills. Good for her.
  • Not!, republicans are passing democrats bill.. good for her
  • Good for Democrats to take responsibility for their shutdown and reopen the government. Finally they are taking responsibility.

  • Repo is deaf dumb and blind. Who said he would take full responsibility and NOT blame you, the democrats? Who said it? The same orange ass clown that said lock her up and Mexico will pay for the wall! How deaf dumb and blind are you repo? Or is understanding plain spoken English a problem for you?
  • Trump: Who will pay for the wall?
    Repo: Mexico will, Indirectly! and if they don’t, I will!!!
    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

  • A true and ludicrous assertion is Pelosi stating that a border wall is "immoral." Why don't she pass a bill to take down the wall between Tijuana and San Diego then, if it's immoral?.... Because a wall is not immoral, she is. Democrats have been supporting a border wall since Bill Clinton. But don't take it from me, hear it from the asses' mouths in the video below. (I respectfully used the word "ass" because their party's symbol is a jack ass)

  • Build the wall, just make Mexico pay, like he promised? Unless promises-mean nothing
  • Mexico has been paying. You just fail to admit it.
  • Good for the Democrat leadership to take responsibility for the shutdown again like they did in 2017.

    Finally they are accepting the blame.

  • Wall from the Gulf to the Pacific...why nit pick few locations. lol Waste of damn time n money...
  • @SakaSaka, Democrats agreed years ago that a wall was essential for the US border with Mexico. They were willing to give 25 billion dollars to build it. What changed? Trump. They hate anything and everything That has to do with Trump even if they agree with it.

    Its called TRUMP Derangement Syndrome.
  • I know, I know. Your passport is a waste of time and money. You can go play with the other liberal children now. Let the grown-ups do their jobs.

    I think Trump should declare a state of emergency due to the new incoming wave of democrats. They are a formidable size---Fifteen Thousand strong.
  • Z...

    U are reaching there buddy..get a chill pill.
  • Food stamps decreasing. Found a job yet Saka? there are thousands and thousands of em now. Can't rely on welfare and food stamps forever. Break those democrats slave chains buddy break em and enjoy freedom like the rest of us who've escaped the Liberal slave plant.
  • Impeach the motherfucker! Hahahaha hahahahah
  • Grab the pussy tax returns and expose his lying ass! Hahahaha
  • bone spurs no wall just steel slats. Hahahaha
  • impeach him so the government can move on and protect the country, right now is very dangerous for the country go have its federal government shut down, dangerous to it national security, and dangerous to its economical security and physical security so impeachment is the simplest thing to do in order for the country to regain control of its government. impeach clown,
  • Good luck with impeaching the Mother******. lol

    Every motion to impeach Trump by Democrats have failed and will fail. Why? CNN said: No evidence of collusion or obstruction has yet to be found.

    Also need Republican votes to impeach. And republicans investigation have found evidence of collusion.

  • that was because the republican who controlled the government that time, were being irresponsible but now, in this new house, the topic is red hot! and Nancy is trying her hard to slow it down. stay tune cause things are getting very interesting..hehe
  • @visafree, Obamas FBI found no collusion, Obamas National Security agency found no collusion the Senate republicans found no collusion, the Mueller team found no evidence of collusion or obstruction.

    The Democrats controlled house will also find nothing. 2020 and reelection around the konah. Buy some tissues already for those tears.
  • and the Muller's investigation is still going on.. yours is just a fake news.
  • @visafree, no more indictments from Mueller, and his last indictment last month according to CNN showed no proof of collusion or obstruction. lol
  • Again Repo has read Mueller report before everyone. Bone Spurs News Network wins
  • @redsnapper, the Mueller investigation are at their end and the last indictments according to CNN showed no proof of collusion or obstruction.

    Misspoke economy news network. lol
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