Kaboom! (1/3/2019) Democrats Introduce Bill To Abolish Electoral College!


9 hours ago Jan 3rd, 2018...Dem introducing bill to abolish Electoral College

In every presidential election, only one question matters: which candidate will get the 270 votes needed to win the Electoral College? Our Founders so deeply feared a tyranny of the majority that they rejected the idea of a direct vote for President. That's why they created the Electoral College. For more than two centuries it has encouraged coalition building, given a voice to both big and small states, and discouraged voter fraud. Unfortunately, there is now a well-financed, below-the-radar effort to do away with the Electoral College. It is called National Popular Vote or NPV, and it wants to do exactly what the Founders rejected: award the job of President to the person who gets the most votes nationally. Even if you agree with this goal, it's hard to agree with their method. Rather than amend the Constitution, which they have no chance of doing, NPV plans an end run around it. Here's what NPV does: it asks states to sign a contract to give their presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote instead of the winner of the state's popular vote. What does that mean in practice? It means that if NPV had been in place in 2004, for example, when George W. Bush won the national vote, California's electoral votes would have gone to Bush, even though John Kerry won that state by 1.2 million votes! Can you imagine strongly Democratic California calmly awarding its electors to a Republican? Another problem with NPV's plan is that it robs states of their sovereignty. A key benefit of the Electoral College system is that it decentralizes control over the election. Currently, a presidential election is really 51 separate elections: one in each state and one in D.C. These 51 separate processes exist, side-by-side, in harmony. They do not -- and cannot -- interfere with each other. California's election code applies only to California and determines that state's electors. So a vote cast in Texas can never change the identity of a California elector. NPV would disrupt this careful balance. It would force all voters into one national election pool. Thus, a vote cast in Texas will always affect the outcome in California. And the existence of a different election code in Texas always has the potential to unfairly affect a voter in California. Why? Because state election codes can differ drastically. States have different rules about early voting, registering to vote, and qualifying for the ballot. They have different policies regarding felon voting. They have different triggers for recounts. Each and every one of these differences is an opportunity for someone, somewhere to file a lawsuit claiming unfair treatment. Why should a voter in New York get more or less time to early vote than a voter in Florida? Why should a hanging chad count in Florida, but not in Ohio? The list of possible complaints is endless. And think of the opportunities for voter fraud if NPV is passed! Currently, an attempt to steal a presidential election requires phony ballots to appear or real ballots to disappear in the right state or combination of states, something that is very hard to anticipate. But with NPV, voter fraud anywhere can change the election results -- no need to figure out which states you must swing; just add or subtract the votes you need -- or don't want -- wherever you can most easily get away with it. And finally, if NPV is adopted, and winning is only about getting the most votes, a candidate might concentrate all of his efforts in the biggest cities, or the biggest states. We could see the end of presidential candidates who care about the needs and concerns of people in smaller states or outside of big cities. Here's why all of this is of so much concern: NPV is more than halfway to its goal. NPV's contract will go into effect when states with a combined 270 electoral votes have signed. To date, NPV already has the support of 10 states plus D.C. Together, that's 165 electoral votes, leaving only 105 votes to go. It is time to stop this attempt to undo the way American presidents are elected, which will in turn undo America. The people behind NPV think they are wiser than every generation of Americans that preceded them. They aren't.


  • We are entering scary times. The thing the American founding fathers feared have come to past. The founding fathers of America in their wisdom feared a central government and dictatorship. The reason they specifically put the electoral college was to prevent rule OF the mob and with it comes dictatorship and a centralized government.

    Julius Caesar was a dictator and the people handed him Rome willingly through popular vote. In giving Ceasar the popular vote they made him a dictator. All power either civilian or military all were in his hand.

    The same reason the founding fathers fought British empire in the revolutionary war was because of a dictator 3,000 miles away controlling everything they did in the 13 colonies from England.

    The electoral college is a fail safe put in the constitution to protect the small population states from the big population states. All the top population centers in the U.S either California or New York are Democrat controlled.

    If the electoral college is abolished the democrats will control the outcomes of the presidential elections. With this come a strong centralized federal government and with this comes dictatorship.

    The party that claims Trump is a dictator is now taking the next step feared by the founding fathers of America as the next step to tyranny and dictatorship.

  • "If Dictatorship ever comes to the United States it will be in the guise of Liberalism"

    They wanted the electoral college gone whats next The Supreme Court?
  • What’s democratic about a society where the person receiving majority of votes losing? Retard? I mean repo.
  • "What's so democratic about the US Constitution anyway?" asked the Red Snapper, That is basically what you are asking. This is why we are not a democracy but a republic. According to history, a democracy tends to become a dictatorship, like Reaper may have alluded to. For example, if we are to adopt your and Steve Cohen's mentality, then why have Micronesian nations, with population sizes of small US towns, vote at UN? We should have Mumbai vote for us. Do you see where Steve Cohen is leading you? Mumbai. Fortunately, not every American hates the US Constitution like your fellow libtards. Steve Cohen's bill will be laughed at if it ever makes it to the senate.
  • Blah blah blah. Ztupid nonesense.
  • Yes. I know. A constitution doesn't make sense to many people. But don't beat yourself. Someday, you will understand.
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    Silly Red Snapper. Please take time to really ponder this question: why have Kosrae State's votes count, the way it does, for the election of the FSM president? There are more popular votes in say Weno.

    Our leadership becomes a tyranny when all states' votes don't matter. Eventually, one populous village in Chuuk will always control the nation. You may never see a president Peter Christian and all other presidents from less populous villages. You think like a Chuukese separatist. They want Chuuk state to secede because their place is more populous. Like Steve Cohen, they believe their constitution does not provide them enough political power. Libtards!!!! Chuuk already has mosts votes in congress! Please stop being greedy! Your crave for power has blinded you! You are on path toward tyranny and chaos!
  • America is a Republic not a Democracy or pure democracy. Individual States right and voice in deciding the President is what the republic is about.

    As students of ancient history, the Founders feared the destructive passions of direct democracy, and as recent subjects of an overreaching monarch, they equally feared the rule of an elite unresponsive to the will of the people. This is why they specially put the electoral college.

    Anyways this Democrat bill to abolish the Electoral college DOA-Dead On Arrival.

    2/3rd of the Congress does not support it and 2/3rd of the state's won't support it.

    Dictatorship gets put on hold for the next 100 years. Democrat dream of tyranny is no more.
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