Trump score a major coup yesterday with his nationally televised speech. He got all the major liberal networks to give him free time on t.v speak to the American people. Now like always the Democrats are reacting to his move. He who always react to the move made by one's opponent are always will eventually lose.

Trump plead his case to Build a wall. 72,000 Americans are killed each year from Heroin overdose more than the number of American troops the US lost on North Korea. And Those heroines come from Mexico through the border into the US.

He Also plead for the lives killed by illegals immigrants coming from mexico. I truly believe the wall will help stop the flow of drugs and help save American lives and protect American people.

The Democrats response was predictable, they called the wall racist and immoral. This is coming from people who live in houses that have walls and gates. Democrats refuse to fund the wall yet they are willing to fund a trillion dollar healthcare program that they want also to cover illegal immigrants.

Here is California New Democrat Governor Vowing to Give Free Healthcare to illegals.

Here is New York Democrat Governor also vowing Healthcare coverage to Illegal immigrants.

They want a make taxpayers pay $ 2 trillion dollars for healthcare of illegal immigrants yet they don't want to give $5 billion to build a wall.

The President and the Senators along with Congressman and congresswoman took a sworn oath and the first is to protect the U.S and American citizen not Illegals immigrants.


  • Anus unaki reporting, Bone Spurs News Network. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah
  • Glad to hear that, Anunaki. Unfortunately for me, I mis-pressed the TV remote to a mainstream news channel, today. A CBS news reporter was saying that crimes committed by undocumented migrants are non-violent. I turned the TV off. These reporters lack journalism and I can't stand their non-truths and half-truths. Did the news reporter forgot the victimized families? Trump brought some to the Capitol on his first State of the Union Address and to various other events. The media covered the events and the reporter didn't object the victims then. The victims' families provided their horrific testimonies at the Trump rallies, before and after the election. There was a group of survivors called "Angel Families." They lost sons, daughters, spouses and other family members to criminal illegal aliens (or should I say "Illegal criminal aliens"; "Illegal alien criminals"; "criminal aliens"; or "illegal criminals"??? I know for sure some aren't merely "undocumented" like the reporters tend to call them, because some of these illegal aliens were convicted and deported multiple times-- and the judicial system DOCUMENTS criminals and homicides). Do CBS, ABC, NBC and other left-leaning news media think their viewers have amnesia or some mental illness? They must be right about viewers' cognitive deficiency. I felt a migrain after a two-minute dosage of fake news. On the subject of voter ID laws, some Berkley scholars said voter ID laws are racist because poor colored folks can't get ID cards. You must be really dumb to have an EBT card but can't get an ID card -- or dumber, if you believe in such crap. I think the reporter believes whatever the "experts" like at Berkley and their teleprompters say. Sadly, mainstream news these days are not worth anyone's time.
  • Aninaki, you said a lot but what you failed to mentioned was the fact that according to DHS report. illegal entry thru the border has declined since 2001 after 9/11 and 90 percent of illegal drug coming into the country come thru the sea and not the border. The wall is a waste of time and money because as of now, illegal enter has declined since2001 and the number of border agent has rise to more then what is need givcen the situation on the ground..
  • How reliable are statistics without sufficient data? We know the statisticians have not the data because leftists refer to illegal aliens as "undocumented." The term "undocumented" implies that they do not have sufficient data on this type of criminals. An unknown number of illegal aliens could have arrived by donkey with a million pounds of heroin -- Who knows??? They're "undocumented," meaning they arrived by crossing the border without the statisticians' knowledge. Weren't they statisticians who gave false hope to libtards that night Trump was elected? Please, try to remember, because many enthusiastic people, initially motivated by statistics, gradually became confused, then upset, and then they cried profusely. Unlike most illegal aliens, votes are documented. Despite available data, reality proved the statisticians were very wrong.
  • The media tried fact checking trump and only showed that he was right.
  • They care more about illegals than they do about the American citizen they swore to protect.
  • BS Artist not getting $ hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah
  • So no help to defend American citizens but trillions for illegals. hmmm that sums the Democrats party.
  • The only thing being built at the border are Walmart stores, no walls
  • z, thats not half of it. The media try to lumb illegals with legal migrants. Data after data that the media put out does not separate the two or differentiate illegal with legal migrants. This is blurring the lines. Making it looksl as though the legal migrants are the same as the illegal.

    105,140 illegals that entered the country were detained by ICE because they had prior criminal convictions. 142% of illegals are arrested for crimes.

    31 border agents have been killed at the border since 2014.
  • You know how the saying goes, Anunaki: There are three kinds of liars: liars, damned liars, and statisticians.

    Meanwhile, just 50 miles south of the border where Trump was visiting, 21 dead bodies found:
  • z, I said, according to DSH report, illegal entry at the border had declined since 2001 and illegal drug smuggling into the country is not a problem at the border but mostly by sea thru the port of entry, but the comeback with that statistic and data BS is a pure nonsense..
  • Think about it. How do you count something that slipped by you without your knowledge? Such a report is only revealing to us that the DHS needs more resources, e.g. man-power, equipment and wall. You could tell the public we had zero illegals come through last year and they will show you a great multitude of them outside one Home Depot. Until such time the border is secured, don't expect anyone to believe the stats from any report. The only numbers that are accurate are those with the Coyotes and cartel members who frequently smuggle people and contraband into the United States, without border patrol's or anyone else's knowledge. How many illegals came into the United States last night? The correct answer from you or border patrol is: "We just don't know."
  • again, your own analogy is only a speculation of your own but the report came from the agency that is in charge so what that means is you are entitle to your opinion but not your fact, the fact came from the report. the rest is like I said, just an opinion of your but not the fact.
  • Bone Spurs News Network. How that powerful wall coming along? Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
  • DEMOCRATS misspoke: 2014-Democrats " we have now a humanitarian crisis at the border"

    Democrats 2019: "No crisis at the border"

    misspoke. lol
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