Joe Biden’s Brother Says 'Biden's' Family Voted For Trump

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January 10/2019
Frank Biden, younger brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, ripped Hillary Clinton in a recent interview, saying the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate blew Pennsylvania and that many in his family didn't even vote for her, opting to pull the lever for President Trump.

The younger Biden said the entire Biden Family voted for Trump in 2016.


  • Another flat ass lie. Read the article. Nowhere does it say any member of the Biden family voted for Trump. I just sent the following message to the Moderator by flagging this post. I will flag every post by Reaper, or any of the other Nazis, which contains lies such as that foisted on the members by this Nazi:

    "This is another in an endless supply of examples of willful lying by Reaper. The title says "Biden's" family voted for Trump, which is not at all what Biden's brother said in the interview. It is wilful because the claim did not come from the first paragraph, but requires a reader to scroll through two thirds of the article before you come to any reference to family members voting for Trump. And it was not the Biden family:

    “We never would have lost Pennsylvania, and all my relatives — the Finnegan family — who voted for Donald Trump because they felt slighted by Hillary and her campaign."

    The reference is not to any Biden family member, but rather to Biden's brother's "relatives," presumably his wife's relatives, by the name of Finnegan, not Biden.

    If you permit members to lie and dissemble, you are permitting violations of your own terms of service.

    Cancel Reaper's privileges. He is a lying ignorant fool, and the Micronesian members of this Forum deserve better.
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    No need to presume Sarem, people can read. Finnegan Biden is Joe Biden's grand son. For all we know, Frank was being discreet with the words "all my relatives."
  • Dumb ass repo it’s their right to vote for whom ever they choose. Moron. You must have got that news from Bone Spurs News Network.
  • Frank is The Youngest brother of Joe Biden, Joe was Obama's vise President.

    Joe Biden's brother says his Pennsylvania relatives voted for Donald Trump in 2016

  • Still, he can vote whomever he wants. He can even vote for bugs bunny if he wanted.
  • That's right, Red. A person can vote for whomever he or she chooses, even is he or she is a Biden. That is the American way. I don't know why some people will call others "nazi" or "fascist" if they don't vote for their candidate.
  • The Biden Family voted for Trump because they were sticking it up Hillary's kazoo. The point is are the Biden Family nazis too because they voted for MAGA? still waiting for @SaremChuuk response and Hillary's response to that. lol
  • Leave the fake Jew Sarem alone. He claimed to be a Jew yet hate the idea of Trump out most support for the homeland of the Jews. Fake Jew.
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