Congressman David Panuelo VS. President Peter Christian. Key race for the future of FSM

Who will prevail comes March?


  • Tough call and too early.
  • Why worry about it since FSM Citizens have no say in selecting the next president.

    As usuaL, the senators will play musical chairs. (Or behind the scenes, a Game of Thrones?)

    We are just spectators.
  • Your vote will determine two important factors: 1) Who is eligible to become president and (2) who will decide (among our selections) the appointment of the next president. I'd say your vote is very important.
  • That annual $150,000 representation funds the FSM Congress approved for each and all FSM Congressmen last year--is that still in effect? If so, it creates a tremendous advantage for the incumbents.
  • Marc, could you please elaborate on "advantage." Can the representation funds be legally used for campaign purposes this election? I thought campaign funds came only in the form of the pork barrel aka "social development projects."
  • red s, can you reply to z's question first. I'll reply later.
  • There is absolutely no viable mechanism in place to thwart the use of these government monies for campaign purposes. And this is true for the U.S. also. Pork-barrel legislation, on the other hand, is permitted. So once you're in, it is usually hard to get out. As long as any bill benefits your district, you are making what is called pork-barrel legislation and they are campaigning. I guess it may be different than representation fund. I think there are financial regulations that talks about the use of representation funds which have become slush funds for our senators. Either way, the FSM is expanding and the four states are getting smaller with funds. Money must passed down to the states for development to happen. Look at how many FSM dignity escort cars have been bought and officers hired. Use the money to have the states makes the truancy laws that are making criminal out of the many school-drop outs. Many state laws need to be passed.

    Good luck to both candidates. Marc, you should run one of these days.
  • It's okay not to know the answer. Not everyone is a lawyer or law-maker and I don't want to trouble you with the research. Many Americans didn't know they were paying for a fund earmarked for settling sex allegations against congressmen. It took greatness to bring that to light. That fund is no more. The FSM Representation Funds, on the contrary, are a regular occurrence. Thanks, Marc.
  • yepp, its a key race and I am for Incumbent Christian.....I have more confidence in his judgments and visions.
  • Except if he is one of those two officials bribed by Lyons, he should be barred for life from holding any public office.
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