Trump Signs Bill To Provide Hundreds Of Thousands Of Gov Employees With Back Pay After Shutdown

A real leader taking care of 800,000 workers to get their back pay after shutdown. When asked about the cost of the retro back pay the President answered: The costs does not matter because these people deserve better than what the Democrats are offering


  • Bone spurs news network. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
  • Trump signed the bill cause he has no other alternative, his own party pressured him to signed it, and he did, according to his close ally Lindsay"this is the beginning of the end of his presidency".
  • It’s never a presidency. Just one very long circus. Impersonating a President.
  • @visafree, he signed a week before opening government. Its all about PR. Shows the worker he cares. Lindsay said that 2 years ago. Lindsay is now calling for Trump to pull the national emergency card to build the wall. Lindsay is now hand in hand with Trump. lol

    @redsnapper, misspoke...blink...border security...misspoke. lol
  • President ass clown is having his State of the union is Russia..LOL
  • @visafree, you libtards can't get over 2016 huh? Its almost 2020 and Trump is running again yet y'all still stuck in 2016 mode. Y'all lost fair & square. As Dear failed leader obama said 3 weeks before the 2016 election "There is no way our election can be hacked and if you lose accept the result".



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    Still the President....He is Obama & Hillary's and every liberal in the US & Micronesia

    misspoke....Now DEMOCRATS want 300,000,000,000 pesos for wall....blink....misspoke...MAGA
  • He blinked, and now he is getting all kinds of shameful attacks from his own supporter. poor child, he miscalculated the out come of his own radical moves ended up cave in with no money for his wall. 63% blamed him for the shut down that cost the country 11 billions in growth lost ,eight-hundred thousand families without a pay checks for two weeks, millions without services, and the list go on and on. so much for empty promises. MAGA? LOL
  • @visafree, you read to much CNN and MSNBC. 84% of Republicans and People who voted for Him Approve of his Job performance and how he handled the Democrat Shut down.....Stop spreading fake forget Democrats wanted to end the shutdown with full funding until next year without border funding...the shutdown end will open government for 3 weeks and now democrats want 5 billion funding for Border security/

  • Breaking news! Trump sucks putin dick then miss spoke! Too much of putin in his mouth. Hahahaha bone spur.
  • Economy up...Obama misspoke
    No Collusion...Clinton mIsspoke
    Now democrats want 5 billion for wall...Pelosi Misspoke

    MAGA lol
  • December Democrats 2018: No pesos for wall/border security.

    Democrats January 25 2019: lets give Trump 5 billion for border wall/security.

    Misspoke? or Blinked? MAGA
  • where is the Collusion and obstruction and impeachment my niggas?

    11 months till Orange dude runs for President again. hehehe

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