Pohnpei Public Land Administration

There is a long story about a certain Chief land survey individual in the State Public Land Office that has been tampering with land maps and creating new maps to make certain lands in Pohnpei available for the general public again even if there are already people residing on the subject lands and awaiting their land documents. So while you wait, his relative gets a seal Gold certificate of land ownership on the property. The land administration and especially the survey division is corrupted and has been corrupt for a long while. Today the outer islanders of Pohnpei, the Mwokilese own the most lands in Pohnpei. Ever wonder why? Am not racist, its just facts and you can access such facts by visiting the land office and from the horses' mouth (those who have been victims of this corruption).


  • I hope you have facts because you just named a specific individual. If no fact, you can be sued. I hate corruption but need to have facts.
  • lol. And who are you...the micsem boogieman?
  • Why don't we just name these people whom we are alluding to? The reason why they keep doing what they're doing is because we cannot name them out.

    Just name them please. I can guarantee you if you do, someone here is related to him or her and will call and tell them that we know.

    Or maybe all the Mwokilese are securing all these lands based on their qualifications and we just too jealous because we tried and didn't qualify? LOL
  • He already did. By naming the person as the Chief of Survey and Mapping, he did exactly that.
  • LOL........Micro, I forgot that there is only one CHIEF of Survey in that office.
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