Kaboom! US Economy Added 304,000 Payroll Jobs In January & Unemployment Rate Hit 4%...MAGA

Back in 2016 Obama & the Media and democrats everywhere said the economy and joba will go down and that the US will only hit 1% growth...That was 3 years ago and now in 2019 6 million jobs have been created under Trump, unemployment is at 4% and the Economy is booming....i guess the well educated Obama and biased media misspoke....like always!


From liberal CNBC: Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown

Jeff Cox | @JeffCoxCNBCcom
Published 8:30 AM ET Fri, 1 Feb 2019 Updated 18 Hours Ago
1.Job growth in January shattered expectations, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 304,000, the Labor Department says.

2.Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had expected payrolls to rise by 170,000.
There were revisions. December's big initially reported gain of 312,000 was knocked all the way down to 222,000, while November's rose from 176,000 to 196,000.

3.The unemployment rate ticked higher to 4 percent, a level where it had last been in June, a likely effect of the shutdown, according to the department.

From Liberal Washington Post: U.S. economy blows away jobs expectations — and eases fears of a recession

By Heather Long, Danielle Paquette

February 1, 2019 at 8:06 PMThe U.S. economy blew away expectations for employment growth in January, adding 304,000 jobs amid the government shutdown and ongoing trade turmoil, and easing fears that a deep slowdown — or even a recession — is on its way.

January marked the 100th straight month of job gains.The shutdown did not appear to dampen private-sector hiring, but the unemployment rate crept up to 4 percent, the Labor Department said Friday, capturing the furloughed federal employees who temporarily stopped clocking in. Average hourly wages grew at an annual pace of 3.2 percent, with lower-wage workers seeing some of the biggest increases.



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