How do you all Micronesians like to be friends with the People's Republic of China (PRC) knowing the nation has a missle intended to hit Guam when the time is appropriate for it to be launched? Will it hit its target? Will it miss and hit another island in Palau, or CNMI, or the FSM, or the RMi? What would be the effect of the missile hitting waters or lands in the Micronesian region? Will the middle be loaded with nuclear warheads? Will it create tidal waves? Will it spread devastating radiation in the air, On land, and in the waters?

What do you think of someone who says he is your friend but has his eyes on bombing your neighborhood just because you have the presence of a friend whom he does not like and wants everyone to know he is strong and is greedy for the neighborhood in which you live?


  • It's not only PRC missiles we need to worry about.
    Report: China’s ocean exploration a pretext for naval power building
    Tuesday, February 05, 2019

    On 04 January, officials of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) along with Chinese diplomats and scientists gathered aboard China’s research vessel KeXue, marking the first in a series of events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

    With arms wide open, the FSM welcomed KeXue — which means “science”— into its exclusive economic zone. “It’s very interesting and perhaps fitting that the name of this ship is science. And it’s also fitting that this ship has a very important mandate to study the ocean,” FSM Foreign Affairs Secretary Lorin S. Robert said.

    The FSM, which has adopted One-China policy, is among the recipients of China’s largesse. And as it braces for the 2023 termination of U.S. grants under the Compact of Free Association, the FSM is relying on China to be its alternative financial refuge. Science diplomacy adds another layer to their bilateral relations.

    But what lurks behind China’s touted goodwill brings anxiety to the United States. As far as the U.S. military is concerned, it’s a Trojan horse. Marine science is tied to Beijing’s ambition to transform China into a “maritime power, which is largely an economic concept,” according to a maritime report released in November 2018 by the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

    “On any given day, 5-10 Chinese ‘scientific research vessels’ may be found operating beyond Chinese jurisdictional waters in strategically-important areas of the Indo-Pacific,” the report said.

    “Overshadowed by the dramatic growth in China’s naval footprint, their presence largely goes unnoticed. Yet, the activities of these ships and the scientists and engineers they embark have major implications for U.S. national security.”

    In January last year, the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences disclosed that research vessels are equipped with acoustic sensors that can pick up acoustic signatures more than 620 miles away, putting them within range of Guam, the major strategic U.S. naval base at Apra Harbor. Publicly available records show these ships commonly operate in the huge EEZ of Guam and the Federated States of Micronesia.

    The Martinson-Dutton report said the scale of Beijing’s investment in oceanographic operations now dwarfs that of any other country, including the United States. From 19 vessels in 2012, China’s fleet grew to 50 by the end of 2017. This number does not include the five large hulls owned by the China Geologic Survey and 10 new research ships currently in various stages of design and construction.


  • Guam (and therefore we) are targets because the U.S. military is in Guam. Remove military and we will have just a missile. You cannot blame the flies buzzing around without removing the rotting pig from the living room. I agree with Trump on this front - bring all troops home and worry about U.S. affairs. Stop policing the world. It is actually that simple. It is literally hard to police the world. Romans tried and it killed the Empire. Spread too thin.
  • Remove US military from US soil, like Guam and CNMI?
  • No strategically place military where it not provoke security of other nations. Defensive weapons fine but offensive build-up is just - offensive and TruthIsThat and his computer will be dead in seconds when U.S. decides to fight a war with China or N. Korea.
  • Chuuk can use this. Playing off China against America to get a new COFA deal.
  • so what will it be? democracy or communism?.. in life there are two paths and the choice is yours..
  • Communism is what Democrats want. Socialism they call it but its another word for communism.
  • cheap shot PawnStar, cheap shot!
  • Same thing communist want same thing democrats want. facts hurt.
  • if the US democrat party are what you saying, and why are they looking at communist Russia as their foe? beside Trump he think Russia is his greater ally?..
  • Communism in Russia fell in the early 1990s because that political sytem failed. Yet Democrats want and are moving ever left and now more Democrats approve of socialism. Socialism is another word for communism. Russia only became a Enemy of Democrats after democrats looked for reason to their lost of 2016. But before that the democrats were buddies with Russia. Your democrats sold US uranium to the Russians and did nothing when putin took over half of Ukraine. hahaha
  • @ PawnStar. " Socialism is another word for communism".. ahahah.. where do you think the social security idea came out off?, what about the Medicaid?..LOL and do they have them in a communist society?
  • There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force while socialism by vote. Itd merely the difference between murder and suicide. Socialism is the same as communism, only better english.

    Medicaid is not socialism its a goverment service while socialism-communism is a economic system like capitalism which we have in FSM.
  • pls look it up before you post and make you look like a fool?.. Socialism is for everyone including the unfortunate ones like the Micronesian, the Black, the latino, the muslum.. no one is left behine.. that's why trump is boiling against it..
  • Don't be a fool, visa free. Socialism has killed more people than all the world wars combined. How many Chinese did Mao Tse Tung killed? How many Russians did Stalin?
  • Facts

    Muslims are not for communism/Socialism visafree. Socialism first rule of control is abolishing religion. Islam is a religion and no muslim would advocate for it since islam is everything to the muslim. Socialism is everything Micronesian socieity and culture is against. Socialism strip away culture and identity and against traditional values and culture of Micronesia.

    100 million people have been killed by socialism all over the world.
  • Nope you all ill informed, that's all there is to it. go back and do some more research because American people are not that stupid to endorse such idea? that idea of communist socialism dose not fit into a democracy society period!!!!
  • The American people by majority don't want communism/socialism. Its the Minority aka the Democrats party and their ill informed supporters.

    Democrats have a more positive view of socialism than capitalism, poll finds
    According to a Gallup poll published Monday, a majority of Democrats no longer hold a positive view of capitalism, while nearly 60 percent of them feel good about socialism. More than 70 percent of Republicans, on the other hand, see capitalism positively, while only 16 percent of them have a positive view of socialism.

    60% of Democrats are for socialims/communism.
  • Cortez is a super star. She should run for president. She is smart, young and pretty. What do you think, Reaper?
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    @FactsMatters @visafree, Same platform.

    " America will never be a socialist country "
    -President Donald J. Trump
  • there is big difference between these two kinds of socialist system, I hope you are able to find out .. otherwise, you are blind and ignorant.
  • Speaking of national famous national socialists...image
  • Trump also blames democrats for America's problems. I wish his military would ship all socialists to Guantanamo Bay, where it is a socialist country. Of course, this will not happen because Trump is not like the leader of Cuba or the National Socialist German Workers' Party. But he could if he wanted to. He's got the mightiest God and military. What god or military does Bernie Sander have?
  • @FactsMatters....Fact check


    1. Its about illegal immigration...Noting racist about deporting illegals...
    2.Obama deported more immigrants than Trump did.
    3.Hitler was took away Germans 2nd Amendment, Democrats want to abolish 2nd ammendment. Trump want to protect it.
    4.Hitler enacted universal Healthcare in Germany, Democrats want to enact universal healthcare in USA. Trump is against it.
    5.Hitler enacted job for all and taxed the rich, Democrats want to enact Job for all and tax the rich, Trump is against this.
    6.Hitler hated jews, Democrats want the US to stop supporting Israel. Trump recognized Israel has America's strongest friend in the middle east.

    lets not spread fake news...the media can do that without your help.

  • There we go again! Trump this Trump that. Republicans this, Democrats that. It seems as if all in the USA and if US citizenship.

    Almost any topic is vulnerable to the invasion of pro-Trump or anti-Trump, Communism vs Democracy, Republican vs Democrat.

    Can we just stick to the real topic and create others for arguing about Trump and Democracy and other political matter
  • The liberals are going nuts with Trump derangement sydrome. They want to stop talking about in this forum yet always bring him up in unrelated topics. We are going to see a this go up in this forum because the latest National emergency news. Get ready for it.
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