Is legalization of Marijuana in the FSM possible?

Can this be done at the State level or would it have to be National?


  • You mean it's NOT legal?! lol
  • either way it should be doable. state first then national or national first and easier for states to adopt.
  • Cigarettes are out and Marijuana is in.
  • Both National and states can make laws legalizing marijuana. The only problem is the old folks need to leave the legislative bodies. Let the senators who are mostly 40 plus down run for offices because all indicators point to them being better-read and tolerant of paradigm-changing events. Old xenophobic minds will not accept science. Cigarettes are terrible and Hawaii proposed law to ban cigarettes is a good example of well-read people introducing laws to fix society.
  • being against smoking weed which is a drug is intolerant and if you are against weed you are not well read and being against drug is xenophobic and anti science....What's next? You are a racist and a Nazi for being anti marijuana?

    This is these well read liberals in here like to tell us. Alcohol and cigarettes & marijuana all have one thing on common they destroy brain cell's and have high addiction rate.
  • " Alcohol and cigarettes & marijuana all have one thing on common they destroy brain cell's and have high addiction rate."

    Hmm... So your buddy Rastaman is missing some brain cells? lol
  • Its part of my religion. I take the rasta leave to get closer to Jah. Getting my Bachelor Degree in Biology in a few months so not bad for a fascist with a few missing brain cells. Jah Rastafarai.
  • The fundamental question is how many pot-holes and pot-heads do we want?
  • pot holes before potheads. No offense Rasta. Fix FSM's infrastructure attain economic sustainability, attain more literacy amongs 110,000 of our citizens then pot heads or crack heads may come. haha
  • You could both compromise by having pot-heads pay for pot-hole repairs with a ganja sin-tax. We can't do that if the public wants zero pot-heads. But lets not pretend that pot-heads are uncommon in Micronesia. What's rare in Micronesia is a wholesome adult brain untainted by substance abuse. Lets not also pretend that we have sufficient finances to maintain our infrastructure.
  • Lets legalize gambling while your guys are at it. We don't need drugs to be legalize in this here part of the world. Micronesia has enough problem with alcohol without adding drugs to into the mix.
  • z, i use tor when i connect to Facebook. it allow end-to-end encryption. So that Facebook don't harvest your data and remain anonymous on Facebook. I don't trust Facebook or Google that much.
  • Nice. A dark web surfer. For a second there, I thought "Tor" was another name for "Maui Wowie" or "Stinkweed." lol
  • Financial woe's is facing our Nation. We must do something about it and fast. 4 years is left with our financial assistance from the Compact. We must do whatever it takes to bring in some more funding assistance to be added to the fishing income. Legalize Cannabis and Gambling! Why not?
  • LOL.........This is funny.

    All the while, some folks thought it was legal.........Hahahahaha
  • It's practically legal in parts of Pohnpei and Chuuk. Just like the blue and red lights reserved for police, ambulance and fire vehicles. Many civilian cars have these lights. Lawlessness.
  • Its illegal in FSM. Stop with the fake news microspring.
  • PawNStaR, your mental capacity is not able to fathom the adverb "practically"? You are quintessentially a stupid person. Go to bed you little dumb ^&&**(%.
  • You're implying that weed is almost legal in FSM but its not. It's a banned substance and smoking it or possessing it can land you in jail. Again please stop spreading fake news.
  • Reaper, I'm not sure if RMI and other low lying islands have this problem. It's difficult to enforce the ban on marijuana in higher islands with thick vegetation. People can grow it in your yard and you wouldn't know until you look carefully. There's green vegetation everywhere and the jungles are thick and vast. The police cannot monitor all the vegetation, especially when they are on private land.
  • Legal of not Its your own free will to use it. It will be your own risk. How many people use it not get caught by Police and how many being caught?..Never mind the data its all in one person thinking so who you to talk about these things and why this Topic let the Law maker decide we can not do anything about it period! legal or not its your own free and die peacefully...
  • z, we have a Marijuana problem here in the RMI. There are over a thousand islets here and the national government can't enforce or go into lands without consent of the clan or alaps that owns them. For example the national governent can't enforce tax laws in private islands that the chiefs own without getting a ok from the cheif who own the land. The clans and cheifs own the lands here not the national government.
  • Reaper, when laws are unenforceable they are useless. We might as well find better ways to regulate marijuana more effectively. I do not support legalizing it without a commission to ensure safety for citizens and the collection of its revenue. With the revenue, the public can do more to counteract the current trend, via education, public awareness programs, etc, etc. If we sell it to medical patients, tourists and export it to Colorado and other US states, we can afford to fix all the pot-holes too. But I will support whatever the public wants, because I cannot guarantee that local officials will not drop the ball along the way, resulting in unintended outcomes.
  • I also don't agree with legalization of marijuana. I believe its a gateway drug that leads to other drugs.
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    That gateway drug has been in Micronesia ever since I can remember. I don't see many crackheads or tweekers on the islands. I'm guessing its because those other drugs are mostly unavailable, but I could be wrong. There is of course a stigma about this plant which origin I don't know exactly. But George Washington grew hemp for its many other uses.
  • Marijuana was introduced to these islands by a former peace corps volunteer back the 60s.

  • Whats gonna change if marijuana gets legalize in the islands? It's already used by so many people. The nothing will change. Legalize it! and tax it!
  • The study shows that the highlands of the FSM and Palau may have more marijuana compared to the RMI because of the different soils. If most smoked marijuana is imported into the RMI, like the study suggests, then RMI has a better chance of enforcing the prohibition at its ports. Our situation is different. This is probably one reason why we don't see eye to eye about this matter.
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