CNN: Acting AG Whitaker: Mueller investigation 'close to being completed'

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Washington (CNN) - Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is "close to being completed," acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said Monday.

Whitaker told reporters he has been "fully briefed" on the investigation.

"I look forward to Director Mueller delivering the final report," Whitaker said.

Whitaker's announcement follows new bipartisan legislation filed Monday that would require Mueller to summarize his findings in a report to Congress and the public.

The Russia investigation, which began when Mueller was appointed in May 2017, has showed signs of nearing its end. Some of the investigation's prosecutors moved to different jobs outside of Mueller's office and the office moved some of its cooperators like former national security adviser Michael Flynn toward sentencing.

The arrest of former Trump adviser Roger Stone, one of the last key campaign associates in President Donald Trump's orbit, on Friday was also a long anticipated move from Mueller.

Barr's confirmation hearings began Jan. 15, meaning that a vote could occur in mid-February at the earliest. An official briefed on the discussions surrounding Rosenstein's planned departure told CNN that Rosenstein wants to ensure a smooth transition, which includes the Mueller investigation.

But Mueller has indicated that a grand jury's work on the probe could continue. The special counsel's federal grand jury, which began meeting in July 2017, was extended in January so it may continue to meet and vote on criminal indictments for up to six more months.

The investigation has consistently returned results -- the grand jury has indicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates, their Russian business associate Konstantin Kilimnik, 12 Russian military intelligence officers, 13 Russians and three companies that allegedly manipulated social media to sway US voters.

Manafort and Gates have since pleaded guilty to reduced sets of charges, with Mueller alleging in December that Manafort had lied on five major counts since agreeing to cooperate with the special counsel's office as part of his plea agreement.

Flynn, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and campaign adviser George Papadopoulos have also pleaded guilty to charges from the special counsel's office.
Some Democrats unnerved
Whitaker also rattled some Democrats when he said decisions made by Mueller's office are going to be reviewed by the Department of Justice.

"I am comfortable that the decisions that were made are going to be reviewed through the various means we have," Whitaker said.

Some congressional Democrats expressed concern over those comments in interviews with CNN Monday afternoon.

Sen. Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat who's a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that it's "chilling" to hear Whitaker's comments.

"I don't have full confidence that acting Attorney General Whitaker intends to respect the independence of the special counsel and simply support and sustain the decisions he's made and simply release the report in full," Coons added.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said, "He should not be a censor; it should stand on what Mueller and his group found."

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat who's another member of that committee, downplayed Whitaker's comments, saying he takes anything the acting attorney general says with a "giant iceberg worth of salt."

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, said he thinks that Whitaker, or anyone else in the Department of Justice, should not have a say in what's in Mueller's report.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, had harsh words for Whitaker.

"I'm not thrilled he's been fully briefed because I don't think he's independent or reliable," Whitehouse said.

He added that he's "not convinced" the probe is nearly completed. He said he thinks Whitaker may simply be delivering "administration talking points."


  • Where is the mofreaking collusion my niggas @redsnapper?
  • Whitaker was only saying what the president wanted to hear. cheap shot!
  • Yes, he is saying that because he has been briefed and know more than you visa.hahaha

    From the way he handled the democRATs at yesterdays hearing tells me he saw everything to date and know there is no collusion found by the investigation.

    You clowns are going to look stupid for believing this russian nonsense. And regret it because like always you democRATs are on the wrong side of history.
  • He showed disgrace on behalf the whole department of justice during the hearing, a total disgrace.

  • Democrats hit a Brick wall. Now they are looking for exuses to start their own investigation instead of relying on Mueller.

    It was a ll a charade to look for any excuse. So much for control of the house. lol
  • what the democrat are doing is their constitutional duties that the republican house of representative did not during the last two years..
  • Things republicans did in 2 years.
    1.Repeal obama care mandate
    2.Got 2 Supreme court nominee confirmed
    3.Got 85 judges confirmed
    4.Repeal obamacare payer mandate
    5.Passed tax cuts
    6.Got the US to be a Net Energy Producer
    7.Creater over 5 million jobs
    8.Got the US to lower its carbon output
    9.Booming economy
    10.created 600,000 manufacturing jobs
    11.Passed micronesian ID law signed to law
    12.Sanctions on Russia
    13.NAFTA agreement
    14.NATO paying its share of defense
    15.South Korea agree to pay its share of defense
    16.North korea stop missile testings
    17.EU agree to trade deals
    18.2 billion bonusus to US workers
    19. Pass prison reform law
    20.Release Americans from 19 foriegn countries
    21.Got US out of disastrous Iran deal
    22. Low border crossing
    23. More power to state government
    24.recognized Jerusalem has Israel capital
    25.enforced obama red line
    26.Iran sanctions.
    27.Mexico paying for tarrifs
    28. China paying for tarrifs
    29.states raising minimum wages

    Democrats plan for next 2 year to come

    Investigate Trump and look for excuses as to why they lost 2016.

  • It is the constitutional duty of house of representative to oversighting the government, they are to check and balance the government, and that is exactly my point, for the last two years, the house was controlled by Republicans and they did nothing to check and balance the trump administration and this is exactly what the democrats run house of representative is doing today.
  • Btw, those are the list of things that lead to the fall of the GOP house of Rep.. you just don't know what you talking about. a fool an a ignorant combined into one very shallow mind..
  • Why would they check when democrats didn't check the powers of Obama?

    Running investigation and looking for a way to find another way to investigate Trump instead of letting mueller do his job is a poor excuse for Trump derangement syndrome.

    They already know muller will find nothing.

  • your asking why they are doing their constitutional duty? like answering to a fifth grader, ahah.
  • Doing their Trump derangement syndrome duty more like it. They already know mueller will find nothing. hahaha
  • that is what an ignorant fool think. fyi, Muller is doing a special investigation in regard to the 2016 election, the house of representative are oversighting the government, its their duty to do so regardless of any wrong doing or not, the constitution requires them to do it, they are the check and balance to the administration, according the constitution. :)
  • Haven't you heard now the democrats are questioning how mueller is carrying out the investigation. lol...They/democrats in congress now question muellers teams methods of investigation and reaults.

    Schiff questions Mueller’s approach on Deutsche Bank
    By ZACHARY WARMBRODT 02/10/2019 12:08 PM EST
    House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff on Sunday raised doubts about the extent to which special counsel Robert Mueller has probed President Donald Trump's dealings with Deutsche Bank, bolstering Democrats' case for moving ahead with an investigation into the German lender.

    Now democrats want to interfere in the investigation and start their own investigation because after 2 year mueller has found nothing but the democrats promised 2 years ago mueller will find something. Now that nothing has been found the democrats don't trust mueller anymore. What ever happened to the democrat promise of letting mueller do his own thing?

  • again its part of their ( the house intelligent committee) constitutional duty to check and balance the government . what they concern about is true, why is muller not investigating the bank? keep in mind Muller has a boss , the acting AG and he himself has the authority to set the scope of work for the investigation, in another word Muller reports to acting Withker whom Trump single handedly picked without congress approval and there is a reason he did it, that's why the committee have all the reasons to launch their own investigation one, to find out what went on, and two, to let the American people know what's went on?.. it's the committee's constitutional duty to do so..BTW. ahah
  • But the acting AG don't set the tone of the investigation since mueller already has his mandate from Sessions. The acting AG can be picked by the President to temporarily head the Justice department. When Trumps new AG is confirmed The acting AG will hand over the reign to him.

    Democrats are not checking no balances but rather are still looking for a way to oust the Trump who they hate. Democrats want Mueller to go over and beyond his mandate and look for anything beside the collusion witch hunt. Democrats want to steer the investigation towards another road instead of the one which the special counsel was hired for.

    Looking for any and other excuse beside russian collusion to take out TRUMP. This is what happens when 2016 still hurt in the butt.
  • True, but the Trump's pick actin AG has the same authority as Session when taking the office, meaning he can do whatever he decide to do , he has the same authority that's why the concern about why muller did not investigate the Bank where Trump has connection to in the first place? if a concern to this committee. and to launch a new investigation on this bank.
  • Wrong, the acting attorney right now has said again and again he won't interfere with Muellers investigation. As for the bank, you should read up on the mandate that was given to Mueller. The mandate specifically lay out the parameter of the investigation. Going outside it would void the basis of the investigation.

  • @Reaper, that article says it all. The Democrats fear that Mullers report and investigation will find nothing. They now starting to question Muellers investigation itself and as you said are looking for reasons to start their own investigation.
  • It's unbelievable. All these past 2 years these Democrats said Mueller investigation need to be protected by former AG and the present acting AG. Now they are attacking the truthfulness of Mueller and how he has been conducting the investigation. I knew this would happen.
  • well that's your opinion but from the opinion of the intel-committee, acting AG did not answer any of their questions during the hearing, meaning he is hiding something and that itself is something worth looking further into.. Whitker is a Liar and a disgrace just like his boss. the POTUS
  • Democrats now are questioning mueller and attacking him. The witch hunt is not going well. And it's against the law to divulge information on ongoing investigation and the Acting attorney said he has not interfered in Muellers investigation and given it all the funding its asked for.

    That's your personal opinion that Whitaker is a liar and a disgrace. lom

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